How to use Essential Oil to Get Rid of Pesky Dandruff

Feeling irritated because of itchy dandruff? Many can relate what you feel. Past research shows that about 50 percent of the adult populations worldwide are affected by this condition. Dandruff is more common to male and it begins around the age of 20 or puberty period. Anyone can have dandruff. The question is what factors can trigger to have dandruff and how to treat and get rid of this pesky thing in your head. 

Infrequent washing, shampooing habits, weak immune systems are just a few of the many factors that cause of having dandruff. Though it is chronic, but a treatable condition. There are many ways to treat and medicate dandruff; one of these is a home-remedy treatment using essential oil, which I just did recently to one of my loved family.

Sharing below is the home remedy ingredients and process on how to use essential oil to get rid of pesky dandruff.


2 tbsp Apple Cided Venigar

2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

¼ cup water


In a bowl, mix well all the ingredients. Apply to your scalp and massage it for a few minutes. Focus on the itchy and flaky part of your scalp. Let it set for about 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Repeat doing this process twice a week until you complete relief from itching and pesky dandruff.

As for this treatment, I used Doterra Peppermint Essential Oil for it soothes an itchy scalp and helps to absorb excess oils on the scalp. The combination of essential oil and apple cider vinegar are a perfect match in controlling dandruff. Actually, Ms Joylee shared to me some knowledge of essential oil healthy benefits and usage. If you want to learn too, contact and follow her on Instagram.

Just a motherly reminder that before using essential oils, consider talking first with the expert, your doctor or dermatologist.

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  1. Woq galing naman pwede din pala ang essential oil sa dandruff sakto asawa ko madami dandruff ipatry ko nga sa kanya to ma

  2. This is really great, Momsh! I have dandruffs pa naman lalo na pag mag ta-try ako ng new shampoo na di hiyang sakin. Thanks for sharing this tips and procedures.

  3. I love using essential oils for many of my home DIY’s, so this one will come in just as handy!

  4. It is funny that I came across this article just after my daughter was complaining about dandruff and wanting something to give her relief.

  5. Wow Mommy Thanks for this..I will try this problem ko talaga ang dandruff lalo na ngaun na kakapanganak ko palang

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