Google Adsense: How to Make it the Most Beneficial

Google Adsense is the second part of the Google affiliate network. People post adverts on the Google AdWords section and you display them on your website using Google Adsense. A lot of fuss is made over the fact that it is hard to make money with Google Adsense because, like a lot of affiliate networks, they do not pay very much for clicks. Every time someone clicks your adverts you only get a few cents, and clicks are often few-and-far between. However, there are a few things that you can do to help make a little more money. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your affiliate advertising.

Filling your pages with adverts is not the best idea

Remember that people have not entered your website in order to look at your affiliate advertising. They have entered your website for a specific reason. Your website is supposed to have some sort of use that attracts people to it. Make sure that you put your website first. Your affiliate advertising should be an afterthought, and your page layout should show that.

Do not fill your pages with it so that it does not distract your viewers

Affiliate adverts are supposed to be distracting. That is the point, as advertisers want people to look at them. This is good for getting clicks but may distract your users if you have pages full of them. Ideally, you want people to see your web content and then become distracted by your adverts, rather than see your adverts and have to find your web content on the page.

Seek eligibility for CPA affiliate adverts so you can make more money

Cost Per Action adverts will pay you a lot more. You are unlikely to get a lot of actual PPA actions on your website. People may click the adverts, but few will actually make a purchase/sign up/subscribe, etc, in a way that makes you money. But even one or two “actions” per month is going to pay you more than a handful of PPC clicks.

Make sure your affiliate adverts are related to your website pages

Ideally, you want your adverts to sell things that your viewers are interested Internet. Your website is going to attract a certain sort of person.  For example, a website on trading stocks is hardly likely to attract young children or the desperately poor community. You can make your affiliate adverts related to your web pages in two ways.

You can either insert the adverts and then mold your content to fit them, or you can create your web content and then seek out and manipulate the adverts that would appeal the most to your users.

Review the items that are listed on your affiliate adverts

This is a tried and tested way of getting people onto your website that are the most likely to purchase from or click on your affiliate adverts. You review the types of products that your affiliate ads advertise. However, be wary of reviewing specific products. You can do this (it is not a bad idea), but remember that sometimes your adverts will change. Just because you are running adverts for Dyson drills doesn’t mean that the Dyson adverts cannot suddenly stop and be replaced by adverts for Bosch drills.

Put an advert in the top right corner

Where you place your adverts is a sticky subject, because there is always contradictory research. Some will tell you that the best affiliate adverts are in between the web content and others will tell you they do better at the top.

For a starter, you should avoid putting one large advert at the top of the page where people would expect to see your page title. This is often confusing for the reader and will lose you repeat traffic. By all means give it a go to see if it works for you, but for most people it does not. Many research papers claim that the best place to put affiliate adverts is on the top right of your page.

Test out different places to put your affiliate adverts on your web pages

The claims that putting adverts at the top right of a web page may be valid, as a lot of large and popular websites have their ads near the top right corner. Even Google has a list of affiliate adverts at the top right of their search engine results pages. On the other hand, this research may be skewered with clustering problems because more people have their adverts on the top right; thereby making it appear as if ads at the top right of a page are more successful.

Do some market research into your viewers

Google suggests that you try to figure out why people are visiting your site, what interests them, and which pages are the most popular. This will help you set out your affiliate adverts. Google also suggest that you place adverts in locations where they will not get in the way (top right perhaps?), and that you ensure your pages look inviting, clean and uncluttered.

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