Age Appropriate Tutoring: When Should You Start Hiring Tutor for Your Kids?

Almost everybody would want to start early on everything. “Oh, I wish I learned that when I was younger,” said someone on a get-together, talking about a skill they’ve never gotten. Maybe even you’ve said that before.

In education, starting early hopefully will give your children advantages later. Of course, starting too early is not recommended, as it puts unnecessary pressure on the children. What about tutoring? Is there any right age to start enrolling your children to a tutor center or hiring tutors home instead?

Truth it, every children is different. Some will be ready sooner than the other. However, it is safe to say that they can start to get tutoring when they are ready for preschool.

However, as parents, you must make sure the tutoring is age-appropriate. So, what kind of tutoring every age level of your children looks like? Please keep on reading.


Many people would think that hiring tutor for preschool children is too early. After all, they haven’t entered any school yet! Why would they need tutor when they don’t even learn any academic subject? Many parents are afraid their kids would just felt pressured and instead of enjoying the lesson, they would be repulsed by it.
However, don’t let this prejudice deter you from giving the best for your kid. Preschool tutoring exist, but of course they won’t teach your kid multiplication or correct their grammar. In fact, they will teach your kids knowledge and skill that is more important than that.

Not all parents notice, but in fact a lot of children who enter their grade school are not ready to learn. They don’t have any conception of what learning actually is, but already has to adjust with other children in a class, learning at one pace. Preschool tutoring help children to enjoy learning and adjust with their environment. Typically, they will teach your children to count, to read, and to talk.
Make sure the tutor are professional or already has experience handling children. They should be able to connect to kids and understand what they’re here for.


Grade school students should not be pressured to success. Instead, they should be encouraged to think that learning is fun. They should be able to get motivated to study on their own, instead of needing to be asked to do it. In grade school, the study materials are still simple enough that children can associate studying with something fun.

Unfortunately, school environment usually foster more competitiveness rather than fun. Your children will meet other children that is smarter than them in certain subject. High number of students per class will make it harder for the teacher to reach out to every single child in his or her class and giving them the attention and guide they need. Likewise, even if one of the students gathers up courage to seek help from the teacher, his or her voice couldn’t be easy to hear among all of the other students.

Nothing fun could happen from that situation. In this environment, the most likely outcome is children getting disappointed, upset, and discouraged to study. Tutoring for grade school children, therefore, should be aimed bring back the fun in studying for your children. Let them concentrate better by studying in private environment, and let them get the answer to their question. They don’t have to be afraid they won’t be heard.


High school is when things get pretty serious. Grades become more important, as they could be requirement to get award, scholarship, and even special admission to university. Students now realize that they have to actively compete with each other since the amount of reward is limited. Here in high school, getting left behind actually has real consequences.
Therefore, the idea of tutoring makes more sense than ever. Not only because of the stakes, but also because of the distraction. During high school, your children will need time to hang out with their friends, join sport or art club, and maybe even do some part-time job. Studying will be there on their to do list, but chances are they will prefer to not doing it in favor of doing other activities that are more fun. Tutoring will help them setting time aside to actually study, and good tutor will also help them to do time management on their own.


College has very specific and specialized lessons. The difficulty level will soar high, as well as the stakes and distraction. College students are young adult, and they have many adult-like responsibility now like living separated from their parents (in many cases) and managing their life. Their time will be depleted quickly for things like classes, cleaning their room, grocery shopping, part-time job, socializing, and so on.

Time to study is getting shorter, and the time it actually takes to understand a concept will increase, as the difficulty level go up. Hiring a tutor help your college-age kids understand their lesson faster, much more efficiently rather than studying it on their own. The extra time they got can be used to study other lesson, so they can excel not only in one subject but some.

Finding tutor for college-student is usually easy. Senior students from your children’s program would even make a good tutor since they are familiar with what the lecturer expects from his or her students in the class.

So, there is no limit of age for tutoring. Even professional can still get tutored privately, if they need it – for example to understand tax and accounting better for their business or job. The key, of course, is to find tutor who understands this, and therefore will not only teach your children (or you) the lesson they supposed to learn, but also take their age into consideration and make adjustment accordingly.

Do you have any experience hiring tutor for your children at different age group? At what age group do they seem to work the best, in your experience? Share your experience with us below.

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3 thoughts on “Age Appropriate Tutoring: When Should You Start Hiring Tutor for Your Kids?

  1. Jeng Cruz says:

    Hi! I’d like to share my experience with my son. He was a consistent honor student in elementary but started falling of when he stepped into high school. I decided to hire a tutor for him because I thought it was becoming difficult for him to cope up with his studies. Instead of having higher grades, he’s grades went lower. I talked with him and said he didn’t want to have a tutor. It wasn’t about him not understanding his lessons. It was more of him having more activities to do in school. I’m not saying hiring a tutor is bad. Sometimes, mothers like us should understand more our children once they are in high school.

  2. Bessie Ramos says:

    Nice to know about this . Ndi pa ko nkkpaghire ng tutor kasi nsa age pa siya na gusto ko maglaro nxtyear pa nman siya magschooling

  3. Jen Gutz says:

    Thank you for this!

    I am actually thinking of enrolling my daughter in the online tutorial program of an International School here in the Philippines ( to prepare her for the regular school year. They offer affordable price and they use the curriculum of the school with is the UK curriculum. Thank you for your suggestions. Hope you can share more articles soon! More power to your blog!

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