Age Appropriate Tutoring: When Should You Start Hiring Tutor for Your Kids?

Almost everybody would want to start early on everything. “Oh, I wish I learned that when I was younger,” said someone on a get-together, talking about a skill they’ve never gotten. Maybe even you’ve said that before.

In education, starting early hopefully will give your children advantages later. Of course, starting too early is not recommended, as it puts unnecessary pressure on the children. What about tutoring? Is there any right age to start enrolling your children to a tutor center or hiring tutors home instead?

Truth it, every children is different. Some will be ready sooner than the other. However, it is safe to say that they can start to get tutoring when they are ready for preschool.

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3 Simple Ways in Raising an Achiever Child

Count me among the proud moms for having a child consistently an achiever in school and excels in out-of-school activities. Yes, from pre-school to grade, my little man always receives awards and is on top of the class. Aside from academic achievement, he is also now a yellow belt holder in the sport he chooses which is Karate-do.

How does my little man achieve all of these? I’m going to share below my 3 simple ways of raising an achiever child. Hopefully, these simple motherhood tips of mine which are based on real practice will help you in bringing out the best in your child.

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