8 Nature Attractions in Cebu You Can’t Miss!

New Year, means new plans for many things like the coming summer vacation. If you think of having an Island Trip for the summer outing, Cebu, Philippines is the best destinations.

Cebu Island is one of the islands in the Philippines and is included in the Visayas Islands region. This island, which has an area of 4,943.72 square kilometers, is also famous for its attractive tourism. One of the interesting tours to visit here is nature tourism because the natural scenery is very spectacular.

With non-stop flights, the Manila to Cebu flights take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. There are many flights to this area and you can book them at Traveloka. Not only that, you can also book directly the accommodation you want while on vacation in Cebu.

The natural beauty of Cebu should be your holiday destination for those who want to get peace and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The following are recommendations for nature tourism in Cebu that you can visit.

Natural Tourism Locations in Cebu 

  • Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak is a natural tourist destination located in Mantalongon, Dalaguete which is right in the middle of the island. This place has a height of 1,013 meters above sea level and is the highest peak on Cebu Island. Uniquely, this hilly area has stunning views with a group of meadow hills.

Besides that, you can also watch the beach from a distance, trekking, and climbing along the path. For those of you who like nature tourism, you certainly won’t lose visiting here, because you can see cool panoramas when you reach the top.

  • Oslob

The next best tourist attraction in Cebu is Oslob. The location is about 121.2 km from downtown Cebu. This place is one of the famous places in Cebu and is always crowded with tourists.

One of the interesting things you can do here is swim or dive with whale sharks. You have to come early in the morning around 6 to 12 noon, so you can swim or see this fish in the open sea.

  • Falls area

The location is in the south of Cebu Island, there is the Falls area which is included in the administration of the Badian area. In this area there is a natural view of a beautiful waterfall with beautiful turquoise blue water. Not only that, there is also the attraction of crossing the river that crosses the typical mountain rocks with such beautiful views.

  • Sumilon Island

Do you want to have a nature tour in Cebu? You can visit Sumilon Island. You need to take a boat from Oslob to get to this island. On this island you can enjoy beautiful beach views and can relax on the beach. For those of you who plan to stay here, you must book the resort first. Because there is only 1 resort on this island.

  • Tumalog Falls

Still in Oslob, there is also a Tumalog Falls tour, which presents the charm of a beautiful waterfall. This waterfall is also often called Mag-ambak Falls which,  has a unique rock relief and the flow is not too fast so that visitors can swim in very clear and cold water from the mountains.

  • Bantayan Island

Turning to the north of the island, there is Bantayan Island, which is an island not far from Cebu Island. To go to this island it takes about 2 hours by boat.

Interestingly, this island has a very beautiful beach with white sand and of course with stunning natural scenery. In addition, the facilities on this island are also very adequate, such as lodging, bars, and so on.

  • Moalboal

The next best tourist attraction in Cebu is Moalboal. If you are diving lovers, you must come here while on vacation in Cebu. Feel the unforgettable sensation of swimming with sardines here. This place is a paradise for divers. Here you can dive or snorkel with sardines.

  • Colon Street

One of the famous tours in Cebu is Colon Street or Jalan Colon. This place is a street that is always crowded with tourists. Many are just walking around enjoying the scenery, some are hanging out or shopping. On this street there are many shops selling knick-knacks at low prices. Even here it is famous as the center of unique clothing and shoes in the Philippines.

Those were some of the natural tourist destinations on Cebu Island, Philippines that you really have to visit. In your opinion, which one is the coolest view?

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8 thoughts on “8 Nature Attractions in Cebu You Can’t Miss!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Cebu looks like a great place to visit! It seems like there’s something there for the naturalist in everyone. I’d love to swim with the whale sharks but it’s probably also very intimidating.

  2. Clarice says:

    We’re going to Cebu next month so, this is perfect. We are actually torn between Oslob and Bantayan but I think it would exciting to do swim with the whale sharks. Thank you for sharing this.

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