3 Reasons to Be Inspired With Inspired Fragrances

Lotion, lipstick, face powder and fragrance are my on the go beauty essentials. I only apply makeup for special occasions, but when it comes to perfumes, I’m a picky and very selective of what I use, even if it’s branded or costly as long as I don’t like the scent, surely it will be stocked or forwarded to a friend and will look for a new one. Recently, Pikachu a friend of mine catches a fragrance that passed my sense of scent. I’m talking about May and Aeris an Inspired Fragrances from Inspired Gifts Ph Fragrances Collections. The scent of these fragrances gives me more reasons to work hard for my loved ones and empower volunteers of the community whom I worked with.

Here are the 3 reasons to be inspired with Inspired Fragrances

First. I love the mildness and girly scent which I always look for a fragrance. Plus, you don’t need to re-apply every now and then just to smell good because of the scent that lasts all day on the skin or clothes. A fresh feeling and smells good gives me the confidence to mingle with different walks of life in the community

Second. The affordable price which is perfect for a frugal shopper mom like me. Even though perfume is one of my everyday beauty essentials, yet buying it is not on my priority list, that’s why I felt happy when I found a perfume that is not costly and of course passed the qualification of my scent sense.

Third. Promos, discounts and personalized gifts, offered by Inspired Gifts Ph is an advantage for me and the team who are planning to purchase tokens for the volunteers as a way of saying thank you for sharing their precious time in helping the government’s poverty alleviation program a success in their respective barangays.

About the Product

May Eau de Parfum – 30 ml for Php 180.00, a romantic and clean fragrance made of a combination of rose aromatic oils and citrusy oils with the hint of water lily, magnolia, white violet, carnation, and ginger.

Aeris Eau de Parfum – 30 ml for Php 180.00, a combination of sweet scents such as raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, magnolia, and lilies.

Inspired fragrances come in clear glass bottle with atomizer and a box. Easy to carry and can be put in your beauty pouch. You can purchase at Inspired Gift Ph online shopping website just visit www.inspiredgiftsph.com promos, discount coupons are being offered.

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