The Zoey Philippines Bridal Set Engagement Ring

I finally said YES to Zoey Philippines

Want to know the reason why? Keep reading till the end of this post to know how amazing, practical, and some tips why I said YES to Zoey Philippines Jewelry.

But wait… before that keep a note of this useful and exclusive deal that will help you save more.


Yuletide Season is near, thinking of what gift to give for your special someone? Consider buying jewelry like necklace, pair of earrings, or set of engagement rings. If you think that picking the right jewelry is that difficult, let me help and guide you. Let’s shop with less hassle to the country’s top and affordable jewelry brands Philippines – ZOEY.


Why jewelry makes the perfect gift?

  • Jewelry is a symbol of love and affection especially if it has Swarovski Crystals that are known to be the symbols of LOVE, JOY, and LONGEVITY.
  • The value rarely decreases, so buying jewelry is the safest investment you can make.
  • Make jewelry a family heirloom which can be pass on from generation to generation.


Why buy jewelry from Zoey

  • Affordable and high-quality materials
  • They have materials like titanium that is light, strong, resistant material and is antiallergenic perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • Offers 925 sterling silver with Swarovski Crystals jewelry for everyday use.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee: If you have any issue with your jewelry within the first three months, Zoey Philippines will replace it for free. You just have to pay for the shipping and handling fee of P800 pesos.
  • Nationwide delivery and meet-up for Metro Manila Customers.
  • Offers many unique options from colored gemstone rings to Swarovski crystal rings
  • Bridal Set with Swarovski Titanium Engagement Ring is on sale now. Buy it for only Php 4,999.00 (Reg. Price: Php10,499.00)

Visit  to view their complete catalog. Like and Follow their social media channels for promos and giveaways.




From all the jewelry that is available in their catalog, this Bridal Set with Swarovski Titanium Engagement Ring stole my attention and makes me said YES to Zoey’s affordable engagement rings Philippines. I love the cutesy design and the vibes that it brings plus the symbol of Swarovski Crystals which are LOVE, JOY, and LONGEVITY.

What do you like to have from the jewelry collections of Zoey? Share it in the comment section of this post.

If you like it, purchase it and don’t forget to use the discount code:



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24 thoughts on “The Zoey Philippines Bridal Set Engagement Ring”

  1. I love Zoey! Their jewelries are affordable and high quality! Recently, they also sent me a necklace and I super loved it!

  2. How beautiful! Investing in great jewelry that will last a whole lifetime (and more) is important to me as I can pass them down to my kids or nieces. Never heard of the brand bu their branding is worth checking out!

  3. Wow! Zoey really seems like a great brand. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to ask my friends who love jewelry to try and buy from this brand. Your code is really helpful!

  4. Ang ganda naman nung ring at affordable pa siya. Hindi ako mahilig sa mga jewelries… pero I’ll share this post to my friend na mahilig sa alahas at baka may magustuhan siya.

  5. This is so beautiful! It’s my first time to hear of this brand so I’ll definitely be checking them out. ^_^ and yes agree that investing in jewelry is good as they don’t often depreciate

  6. Grabe oonga no? It’s gonna be christmas season soon. Hahhaa so much time has passed na pala with this pandemic. Anyways, i think it’s a great idea din talaga to biy jewelry. My mom would love that. Hahaha

  7. I love the rings! It’s so affordable pero mukhang quality na quality pa din. Never heard of this brand but I’m glad that I know it now 🙂

  8. The design looks cute and perfect for couples looking for affordable option. Do they also ship regional and international?

  9. Wow. That looks lovely. My engagement ring looks like that too but it’s in gold. We got ours affordable din. This one also has great discount.

  10. Not familiar with this local brand but love the ring set and the promo price is a good deal na. Does the price come with free shipping already? 🙂

  11. Yay! I can’t get enough of rings. Kahit anong klase. Kahit hindi maganda daliri ko. Haha.

  12. That is such an affordable jewelry kaya I checked their website to see more of the designs. And they are sooo nice! 😀 I’ve heard about Zoey before, but are they a local brand talaga?

  13. i always tell my sons I love receiving flowers and jewelry. you can never go wrong, hahaha. and yes to the coming yuletide season!

  14. Ang ganda naman ng bridal ring ni zoey maiinlove ka sa ganda at panigurado na babagay talag ito sayo

  15. Ang gandang invèstment po nito mga jewelry na ito at syempre po ang ganda po talaga nito rin pang regalo lalo na po sa love ones natin.. ?

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