What Do You Wear Under A Bodycon Dress?

Whether you’re planning to attend a summer wedding or a night out with friends, you’ve likely added a figure-hugging bodycon dress to your shopping cart. These form-fitting styles can feel intimidating—how do you style them appropriately without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort throughout the day?

As a fashion lover and regular bodycon dress wearer myself, I’m here to share my best tips for dealing with these issues so you can feel confident and secure no matter how tight or revealing the dress may be. In this post, I’ll cover everything from ideal undergarments and shapewear to additional layering pieces that can enhance and smooth your silhouette.

By the end, you’ll have plenty of under-dress options to test out so a bodycon dress never has to stay in your closet unused due to anxiety or uncertainty again.

Types of undergarments suitable for a bodycon dress

When it comes to wearing a bodycon dress, it’s important to choose the right undergarments to enhance your silhouette without causing any discomfort.

Shapewear – options for different body types

Shapewear is an excellent choice, as it smoothes and sculpts targeted areas of your body, giving you a flattering shape and even a boost of confidence. With various shapes and styles available, you can find the perfect butt lifting shapewear for your body type.

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Shaper panties

These handy undergarments are designed to smooth out any imperfections, giving you a more streamlined silhouette. They’re perfect for wearing under form-fitting dresses or skirts, providing comfortable support without feeling restricted.

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Shapewear bodysuit

Designed to hold and contour the body, these bodysuits provide a comfortable and seamless foundation for any outfit. No more worrying about visible panty lines or folds in your tummy. With a shapewear bodysuit, you can confidently strut your stuff and feel amazing in your dress.

Shaper shorts

Designed to smooth out any unwanted bumps or lines, these shaper shorts are perfect for creating a streamlined silhouette that flatters your figure. Plus, their discreet design means that you can wear them under dresses of any length without worrying about them peeking out.

Seamless shapewear  – avoiding visible panty lines

To avoid any visible panty lines that may ruin the look of your dress, opt for seamless shapewear that will do its job without being seen.

Stick-on bras or panties – ideal for backless or low-cut dresses

For a backless or low-cut dress, stick-on bras or panties are an ideal option that will provide support and coverage while remaining undetectable.

With the right undergarments, you can feel comfortable and look amazing in your bodycon dress at any occasion.

Layering options for added coverage and versatility

If you’re looking to add some versatility to your wardrobe and give yourself more coverage, layering is your new best friend.

For those sheer or thin materials that leave you feeling a bit vulnerable, a camisole or tank top underneath a bodycon dress can work wonders. Not only will it provide that extra bit of coverage, but it will also add a new dimension to your outfit.

For those cooler days when you still want to wear that short bodycon dress, bold-colored tights or leggings can do wonders. They add an interesting pop of color to your outfit while keeping you warm and stylish.

With these layering options, you’re sure to add a new level of depth to your wardrobe.

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