The Perfect Pairings: Best Mixers to Complement Gin

Traditionally, gin is used as a medicinal tonic. But today, gin is one of the world’s most famous and commonly used types of spirits for alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Its taste is neat and clean making them popular for making refreshing cocktails. Add different mixers and ingredients and you’ll be able to create tasty gin cocktails. However, you can’t add just any ingredients. Some don’t go well with the strong, neat taste of gin. To make delicious and delightful gin cocktails and drinks, one must learn what mixers, juices, and ingredients go well with them. Here are 7 mixers that go perfectly well with gin.

Tonic Water

A classic partner of gin, tonic water creates a crisp, light, and refreshing cocktail drink. Gin and tonic have a slight zing, bubbly, and sharp, perfect for gatherings and parties. If you or your friends prefer a slight bitterness to their gin and tonic, add fresh fruit juices like orange, lemon, or lime. Fruit juices make the strong gin and tonic more palatable and refreshing for other people.

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Club Soda

Club soda has crisp and refreshing flavors and is fizzy. When added to gin, it makes the cocktail bubbly and refreshing. Adjust how much club soda you add depending on how strong or weak you like your drink to be. You can use club soda and gin as a base for cocktails. 

Add a splash of lime or lemon juice to enhance the flavor of your drink.

Ginger Beer

Because gin has a clean taste, mixing it with bubbly, zesty ginger beer is a good idea. 

In general, ginger beers are made from fresh ginger root with lime juice. Hence, they’re more perky, bubbly, and tart with a little sweetness compared to other beers. The best part is you don’t have to purchase ginger beer. You can make your own.


Lemonades are refreshing, sharp, tangy, and sweet. When combined with gin, it makes the cocktail drink more zesty and delightful to drink. However, you must be careful when adding lemonade. Lemonades can be too sweet, depending on the lemonade you have and use. Start by adding a little bit of lemonade and try it out. If it lacks sweetness and tang, add a little more. Be sure you’re not overshadowing the flavors of the gin.

Apple Juice

Apple juice adds refreshing, tart, and sweet flavors to the neat gin. The best part about apple juice is it’s very accessible. Apple juice can be found in your local grocery stores. You can also make your own apple juice to control its sweetness. If you don’t have apple juice, you can use freshly squeezed apples instead. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the variety of apples you use. Remember, every variety of apples has a distinct taste.

To add fizz and bubbles to your apple juice and gin cocktail, add club soda or ginger ale.  

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice is the tart, sweet, tang, and slightly acidic hit. It adds a unique zing and texture to the clean gin. Grapefruit pairs well with dry gin. 

If you’re using grapefruit juice, it’s best to go for freshly-squeezed grapefruit. You can also purchase store-bought grapefruit juice. However, some of them might contain a lot of sugar, so make sure to check and control how much you add.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a very flavorful and refreshing drink. It’s tart, sweet, and slightly acidic which pairs well with clean gin. Also, cranberry juice has a lovely bright color making your cocktail more appealing, festive, and inviting. 

To make an easy and quick spritzer, add ginger ale for added bubbles and lime slices for more refreshing flavors. But if you want a delightful sangria, combine triple sec, cranberry juice, white wine, and ice cubes. In addition, if you want to add a fruity and tangy twist and bright lovely color to your classic martini, add a splash of cranberry juice.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is not typically used with gin. But, if you add the right amount of orange juice with gin, you’ll create a delicious and refreshing cocktail drink. Orange juice is sweet, tangy, and refreshing. When combined with neat gin, orange juice helps mellow down the strong taste of alcohol and makes the cocktail more palatable. 

One of the advantages of using orange juice is it gives a lot of room for experimentation for the bartender or mixologist. You can add other citrus fruits, ginger ale, club soda, and more. 

Gin’s Ideal Partners: Choosing the Right Mixer

Gin is neat and very clean. It has a strong kick but without any overpowering flavors. That’s why many bartenders and mixologists use gin for their cocktails. Because of its flexibility, there are many mixers you can use with it. The key to refreshing and delicious gin-based drinks is to find the right proportion of ingredients and experiment. 

If you’re making a cocktail for yourself, consider your preferences. You can add ginger ale or club soda if you want to add bubbles. But for added tang, splash lemonade or grapefruit juice. 

Experiment and try combining different mixers to get the right proportions and taste you and your guests will love.

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