Live the Healthiest Life with Organique Acai Premium Blend

Eating a healthy diet combined with regular exercise are the key factors in achieving a healthy life. But wait, do you know that aside from these two key factors, there is an important step that we sometimes overlooked? That is checking out or reading the nutrition facts label of the foods we buy. With so many processed foods available on the market, knowing their nutritional facts and ingredients before consuming them can keep you stay healthy, strong, and away from illnesses. 

In the major discussion about labels by Dr. Dexter Macalinta, a registered nutritionist and physician from Calamba Medical Center, he stated the first part of the nutrition label or nutrition facts that can be seen behind the food packages and drink mixes is the servings per container. One serving is equivalent to 1 fluid ounce (fl oz). Per serving, the nutrition label, then shows you the number of calories it contains (calories per serving), as well as the percentage % of daily values, which is the percent of the daily allowance of specific nutrients and minerals your food or drink gives you. The percentage of that daily value is the recommended amount of nutrients a regular person should have as part of their recommended daily calorie intake – 2000 calories for women and 2500 for men. 

So, if you’re keeping track of the calorie content, fat level, and grams of sugar per serving in every food you intake, or you just simply want to eat more nutritious foods always check the nutrition fact label. And with that, Organique Acai Premium Blend helps you live the healthiest life because if you’ll check the nutrition facts, it only contains 1 gram of total fat and the percentage % of daily values for total fat is 2% (40 grams) for a 2000-calorie diet, which is good if you want to have a healthier diet. Continue reading

Ajinomoto Special Recipes for Lactating Moms

Mommies with newborns do everything they can to make sure that their babies are the healthiest. Exclusive breastfeeding of infants from birth up to six months is the most effective way to ensure your child’s nutritional needs. Breast milk provides all the energy and essential nutrients, making it the most complete and sustainable food for an infant. While breastfeeding plays a crucial role in the growth and development of babies, it isn’t always easy to do, mothers too may need some support to get started.

To help mothers achieve optimum nutrition for their babies, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) joins in the call to safeguard infant’s health in this year’s nutrition month campaign, “Malnutrisyon patuloy na labanan, First 1,000 Days tutukan.” The theme calls for all sectors to help in spreading awareness about the importance of the First 1,000 Days of life as the strategic intervention to prevent stunting and obesity. The First 1,000 Days of life is the period from conception up to the first two years of a child. 

“Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life is also essential in forming the special bond between a mother and child. This is why we, at Ajinomoto, aim to empower more women to continue breastfeeding and support them with healthier methods at this special time in their lives,” Ajinomoto’s Science Communication Executive Deborah S. Fajarda, RND. 

With this, APC developed four easy-to-cook recipes to help lactating mothers in their breastfeeding journey. Check them out!  Continue reading

How To Make Tuna and Corn Chowder

Tuna and corn are jam-packed with essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, iron, minerals, fiber, vitamins A, B6, B12, and many more. Eating these all provides multiple benefits that are good for eyesight and keeps the heart-healthy.

Sharing down is a good food recipe perfect for Lent using San Miguel Del Mar Tuna and corn as the main ingredients. List down the ingredients and go shopping so you can cook after.

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8 Ways You Can Help Improve A Loved One’s Memory As They Get Older

It is normal to experience changes in cognition with age, but these changes can vary widely from person to person. While some seniors show little to no signs of memory loss, others become forgetful even to the point of impairment or dementia. Many factors, including genetics and overall health, can affect an aging adult’s memory.

Fortunately, there is strong evidence that people can improve their memory even late in life and delay the onset of cognitive decline. The following are 8 things that you can do to help an aging loved one improve their memory.

  1. Encourage Exercise

There is a strong correlation between physical exercise and brain health, and inactivity can lead to a significantly increased risk of developing memory problems. One way that exercise helps is by increasing the size of the hippocampus, a region of the brain that tends to shrink with age. One study found that moderate aerobic exercise, like taking a brisk walk, can increase the size of the hippocampus by up to 2% in a year.

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