Doc Roca, Rising Social Media Doctor and Her Journey to a Holistic Transformation

Social media has opened opportunities to influence and entertain people. But for others, they have been using social media platforms to educate people on certain topics. For Dr. Rocanisah Guro also known as Doc Roca, she uses social media to share her advocacy on aesthetic medicine.

At an early age, Doc Roca wanted to be a doctor. After finishing her medical degree as a General Physician, she practiced her profession in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While working as a doctor, it was painful for her to see people coming to her sick or dying and earn from it.

Looking back, Doc Roca realized how challenging that situation was for her, feeling disheartened. That was the turning point of her career. She realized she needed a change in her career path. She left abroad, went back to the Philippines, studied, and trained in aesthetic medicine.

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How To Be More Proactive About Your Healthcare Needs

It’s important to note that sometimes, no matter what you do, healthcare issues can cause you harm and will need to be managed by qualified personnel. So, please don’t let the title of this post imply that if you’re suffering a health issue you’re just not productive enough, that’s absolutely not the point being made here.

That said, it’s good to keep in mind that whatever you can do to improve your quality of life, provided you have the time for it, that it’s sustainable and affordable for you, there may be more options for bountiful self-care than you realize.

But to be more proactive about managing your health, you need to know what direction to aim towards. In this post, we’ll discuss some essential advice you can use when managing several conditions. Note that this should never supersede the direct advice of a healthcare professional. 

Let’s consider some helpful tips:

Always Prioritize A Checkup

If you’re concerned about a healthcare issue, it’s always important to schedule a checkup. This may sound obvious, but so many people neglect to book a healthcare visit because they don’t want to come across as dramatic, waste the doctor’s time, or feel silly if it turns out to be nothing. But peace of mind is always essential, and if there is something to be concerned with, catching it early is absolutely essential for the best outcome. We also suggest this because it’s very easy to take everything you see on the internet as truth, and before long you can convince yourself of almost any condition under the sun. Book that appointment today to resolve that fear. Continue reading

Let’s Get Grooving for Wellness with Carla Piscoso and a Daily Shot Organique Acai Premium Blend

Music can lift your mood, and it makes your body want to move. Studies show that listening to music can release happy hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, and help people feel less anxious. That is why music has been part of humans’ everyday life activities like incorporating into daily fitness. Just recently, fitness professional and content creator Carla Piscoso, did a 45-minute live workout session, “Groove to the Rhythm” where she combines the power of music and fitness. 

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A Healthy Way of Calorie Restriction with Organique Premium Blend

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, many people has become health conscious and are pursuing a healthier lifestyle. In achieving and maintaining a healthy body, people are making efforts in different kinds of activities like home exercises or workouts, consuming healthiest foods such as fruits and vegetables in their daily diet and some are  limiting or restricting calorie intake to feel healthier and stay in good shape. 

What is calorie restriction and how does it work?

Calorie restriction is an eating pattern – different from a fasting diet. To do this, you must consistently reduce the daily intake of calories. The same with fasting, calorie restriction can help with weight loss, but according to the National Institute for Health in the USA, doing this kind of eating pattern doesn’t mean you have to skip meals or food deprivation. Instead, you just need to be mindful of what to eat.  Continue reading

Organique Acai Premium Blend Your Partner in Stroke Prevention or Recovery

Over the past two years of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, you might now feel that life’s almost getting back to normal. The government started lifting restrictions like the use of face shields have come to an end, allowing kids and seniors in malls and travel destinations, the start of face-to-face classes, and many other things. Looking back to the lockdown and restriction period, what have you done during those years? Is your daily routine still the same as before the pandemic or have you become more health-conscious? 

Even though we now adjust to a new normal, it is still vital for us to practice and continue our cleaning and healthy lifestyle habits as the threat of the coronavirus remains. Consistency in healthy habits is our lifetime protection from viruses and other illnesses like stroke, the second leading cause of death worldwide. 

Most think that stroke attack only adults, while in fact, it can occur at a younger age as well and even in kids. Hypertension, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and any other health problems can lead to stroke. It is very important to be firmly fixed the habits of a healthy lifestyle because, in the long run, it’s a big help to prevent future stroke attacks or even recover from it if you or a family member have been there.

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