Practical and Simple Energy Saving Ideas

One of the monthly dues that need to be on the priority lists to be paid is the electricity bill consumption. Admit it, your energy bills are too high because of energy usage at home. If you want to costs down the electrical bill, check out the practical and simple energy saving ideas I have listed below.


Appliances like televisions, microwaves, computers and other home appliances have standby power even when off, and still using energy even they’re not in use. To reduce energy consumption totally unplug appliances when not in use, especially if all is going to bed.


Insulated curtains are lined curtains designed to help keep warm air from leaving or entering through windows which are a large source of heat exchange in every home. Using insulating curtains can help lower your usage of the air conditioner that consumes lots of electricity. The curtains are suitable to dress up in the living room and bedroom of your home. offers an eco-friendly and breathable kind of insulated curtains that can give your home a quiet and peaceful feeling.


Be smart in choosing the right light bulb for your home. I suggest using LED bulbs which are the most energy efficient lighting options for its use 75% less electricity than the traditional incandescent bulbs. A bit costly but it has no mercury and lasts for more than 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Take these energy saving ideas it will totally save a lot based on experience. Aside from saving bucks, you’re as well help save mother earth.

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  1. We’re planning to put a new aircon on our room and I agree we need to add curtains to save more energy. I’ll check that site.

  2. I love finding curtains that are energy efficient. I will check this link you shared to see if they have any

  3. Insulating curtains are new to me. I hope I can find one in a mall near us so we can also save on electric bill on our aircon use.

  4. Three simple tipid kuryente tips that’ll do the trick! Thanks mommy! We really make sure we always unplug applainces that are not in use. Ang lakas din kumain ng electricity!

  5. These are helpful tips indeed especially here for us in the Middle East when the temperature is soaring, and our air condition needs to on most times of the day.

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