Play Pretend Cooking Games for Kids Online

Play helps children develop all kinds of skills. 

Spending more or less than an hour a day of playtime with our kiddo can have a significant impact on them. Playing games with them may it be offline play or online games is one way of helping develop their social skills and self-control. Aside from that, it also builds parent and child bonds that will last forever. 


I am the kind of parent that approves of my kids playing video games. But in moderation of course and with my supervision. My daughter loves to help me with kitchen chores, especially in food preparation. It’s a fun bonding time for us, both girls in the family, an activity as well where she can develop skills and start to learn little household chores every girl needs to know. 

Speaking of food preparation, sharing with you our latest discovery game called Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake, one of the available Cooking and Kitchen Work free-to-play kids foodie online games of Culinary Schools .Org.

My little girl chooses this game, maybe because she is sweet-toothed. Anyway, back to the game that we’ve been playing recently, Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake is a game about baking a cake. This game is easy to play, which will help kids learn to familiarize baking tools and follow simple instructions.

The game starts with picking baking tools to use and ingredients. Next is following the recipe instructions of mixing ingredients until the baking process. Easy to play, kids will only have to click on the items that the arrow is pointing at. 

That’s it, baking is done. Congratulations!

Aside from cooking or baking, games like serving eaters, farming, food education games, and other fun food-themed games are available to play for free online. All games are best suited for young ages like my daughter but of course, don’t miss to supervise them and give a time frame. In this way, kids will be able to develop their time management skills at an early age.

Happy Playing!


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  1. These are the coolest games ever! Super like! I would love to get one of these to my daughter.

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