Meet My Family

Family is whom we share all our ups and downs in life and there to guide through our growing years. Every family has a story to tell. Welcome to ours, a simple and humble family from Eastern Visayas, Philippines.

Originally, we are a family of five, but our second child is already in God’s hand and a forever angel. Wanna meet my family? Let’s start!

He’s the man. Public servant, frontliner and cook of the family. Yes, when it comes to cooking he’s the best. He loves rock and metal music.

Our first born, he’s 11 years old and loves to eat. A serious and silent type of kid. Loves listening music, collecting Pokemon cards. He’s into Karatedo and academically on top.

Our youngest, she’s turning three this July. Total opposite with his big bro. She’s a witty and energetic one. Singing and dancing are what she loves to do. A baby entrepreneur – selling personalized headband, hair accessories, and character shirt.

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