How To Get Rid Of Shellac Nail Polish In A Few Minutes At Home

Women often make an excuse that they could not unfasten the shellac nail polish easily at home by themselves, and they need to get help from the nail salons. It is a daunting task indeed if you are interested in taking the shellac nails, then you could discover more about how to get rid of shellac nail polish accurately. Let’s get straight to the steps you will need to follow if you want to clean off the shellac nail polish once and for all.

A glance of the shellac nail polish

Before recognizing how to remove shellac nail polish, you need to know the shellac nail polish initially.

Do want to know who has created the shellac nail polish? The Creative Nail Design produced the shellac nail polish which is located in California.

In fact, the shellac nail polish is made from a unique gel creation which uses a fusion of the chemicals. Most of the nail salons could brush and utilize the shellac nail polish in your fingernails with the comparable way like other conventional nail polish categories.

The reason why most of the ladies love using the shellac nail polish is that the product has a thick material to keep the formula for about two weeks with the good-looking brightness, prevent the damage, stave off the bad chipping, and retain the beautiful color.

To perform the shellac nail procedure, the nail salons often get a foundation coat firstly. Then, they will cover two coats of the color, and put a top coat on your fingernails after that.

They take your nails underneath the UV lamp to build the sturdiness levels of the gel coats in each of the stages. In addition, you need to wait between 30 minutes and one hour to let the shellac nail completely dries as well as finishing the process.

Things to prepare before the shellac nail removal 

Before learning how to remove the shellac nail polish, you should hold on a couple of minutes to prepare the tools and other necessary things before beginning.

  • One small bottle of the pure acetone
  • A lot of the cotton pads
  • A kitchen foil
  • A cuticle
  • The conditioning oil for nail and cuticle
  • A scotch tape
  • A pair of scissors

How to remove the shellac nail polish instantly

Perhaps, this is the greatest part you want to jump in suddenly. So now, let’s start your homework within certain steps.

Step 1: Use the kitchen silver foil

You should forcefully cut a strip which is twice longer than your fingertip, and bend it in half along the lengthwise side. Then, you need to cut it to some sections in three inches and repeat this step ten times.

Step 2: Get the cotton pads

Initially, you get ten half-sized pieces of cotton pads cut from five ones. You should fold each of the circle pads (in general, the cotton pads are made in the circle form).

Step 3: Add the acetone to the pieces of cotton pads

You add the amount of acetone to each of the cotton pads. Then, you take these pads to your fingernails.

Please keep in mind that the pads should be tightly opposed to the whole fingernails because if the pads do not reach the nails well, your fingernails could not absorb the acetone from these pads. Thus, you need to clasp the pads in a fixed place by using a square foil to cover the fingertip. Keep the square foil for 10 minutes when you have already gotten the first pad.

These square foils will help you keep the pad, and it might support your fingernails absorb the acetone from the pad smoothly. The acetone dries up from a liquid into vapor, while the foil will make this process slower to assist acetone to have enough time to work. Hence, the shellac nail polish could easily remove without injuries.

Step 4: Clean off the foil

In this step, you ought to use the cuticle sticks to take out the foil and the shellac nail polish. You might want to put the cotton pads on the nails to give any shellac nail polish out of your fingernails.

Please bear in mind that you should not rub or rake around your nails as you might give many potential damages for your nails due to your impatient.

Step 5: Moisturize your fingernails after removing the shellac nail polish

The substances in the acetone will dry off your fingernails which you could not recognize this state. Therefore, you should moisturize them by utilizing the cuticle oil and scrubbing the oil in your nails as well as the cuticles.

You should not ignore this step because you will get the dry fingernails, and it will become a big problem in the upcoming time.

Small outside tips about the shellac nail polish removal

  • Buy a special package or not relying on your needs and wants;
  • Avoid the sharp scouring once you remove the foil and the shellac nail polish because you can mangle your fingernails;
  • Do not miss out to moisturize the nails and make your fingernails stronger;
  • Do not feel sad when you have to clean the previous shellac nail polish as you could get other remarkable colors in your fingernails.


At this time, you have already known how to get rid of shellac nail polish, and you have practiced it. Hopefully, you will have much more encouragement in this daunting task. As a result, you will realize that how easy the removal process is without supporting the nail salons. On the flip side, you could listen to the music while beginning the removal process to make a great feeling or you enable to invite friends to attend this incredible event.



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