How to Determine Your Eyebrow Shape

It is almost impossible to get an aesthetic eye make-up if you don’t have properly-shaped eyebrows. Remember that make-up artists always start doing the make-up with a preparation of eyebrows because they are the frame of your face and are responsible for your expression and sight effect.

If you put some make-up on eyes, which eyebrows are not pretty well-shaped, the make-up will look pretty amateurish and you will be far away from any aesthetics. In addition, unnecessary thick eyebrows can create a too childish look of your face, or even some rudeness, which will result in a lack of femininity.

However, finding the perfect shape for their eyebrows seem to be a hard task for most women. That is the reason why tweezers often became a powerful weapon once in the hands of a woman, and this results in either too thin or too thick eyebrow. The problem is that women don’t usually know where to stop, and every hair plucked is able to drastically change the shape and thickness of your eyebrows.

What is the right shape for your eyebrows?

The proper eyebrow curve visually opens your eyes and hide the fatigue. It also makes your face look younger, and your gaze more mysterious. Since ancient times women give their eyebrows one shape or another, but we often forget that the shape must be determined also by the eyebrows themselves. For example, if you have a lot of “material” you can easily get the shape that you dream of, but if your eyebrows are disproportional or too thin, you will hardly get the perfect shape.

Before using the tweezers on your eyebrows

Before you start plucking uncontrollably, you need to determine what shape is the perfect one for your eyebrows. In most cases, Mother Nature have done her job and have given you a nice line that you should follow. If we have to put this, in other words, the only thing you need to do is getting rid of the hairs in the bottom part of your eyebrows.

Remember that you should not do anything with the upper part of the eyebrow because the higher eyebrows are located, the more expressive your look is, the larger your eyes look and the more beautiful your face is. So, if you want to make your eyebrows thinner, do not touch their upper line.

How to determine the perfect shape of your eyebrows?

In order to determine the length of your eyebrows, you need to make an imaginary line from the inner part of the eyebrow to your nose, and another one from the outer part of your eyebrow to your nose, until the two lines are crossed. Your eyebrow should be located between these two imaginary lines. Remember that the curve of the eyebrow should be located in the right part of the eyebrow, but things pretty much depend on the specific face type you have.

Before you start plucking, do not forget to brush your eyebrows and trim some longer hairs. Start removing the hairs from the bottom part of your eyebrow in the direction of their growth. Then use a brush in order to clean the hairs removed.

What is the right method of shaping your eyebrows?

Shaping your browsers is done by waxing or pair of tweezers. You should know that eyebrows waxing is a special procedure and is not recommended to be done at home unless you want to have no eyebrows at all. No errors are acceptable when choosing this method. So, if you want your eyebrows waxed, you better go to a cosmetologist in order to avoid any mistakes. When it comes to tweezers, things are rather different. Make sure that the pair of tweezers you use is good enough and the edges touch your skin evenly, and that they don’t have any sharp edges in order to prevent tearing of the hairs instead of plucking them.

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