Empowering Community: Teaching the Basic Financial Management

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I planned and thought many times to have an additional niche to this blog about Community Service, so here it is my first share.

Empowering Community: Teaching the Basic Financial Management

I start composing a draft of this post while on the bus traveling to the area of my assigned municipality. Anyway, let’s go forward to the main topic, Empowering Community particularly the volunteers whom I worked for.

Three days community finance training was conducted where participants had fun and learned about the basic financial management, especially that as volunteers of KC-NCDDP the learnings they gained from the training is of help in managing funds entrusted to them by the Philippine Government for the implementation of sub-project.

These volunteers are simthple individual in the barangays, mostly moms who don’t even have the financial academic background in managing projects costing millions, but I saw in them the willingness to learn the basic financial management such as planning, disbursing, recording and closing of community account.


A conducive learning venue and a tasty menu were provided to them. We prepare workshops related to the topic where they enjoyed much. At the end of the training, we let them share in front the learnings, experiences, and thoughts of the training and as a volunteer.

These words from a volunteer touch my heart “first time ko maging volunteer ha kalahi, ngan usa ako na bookkeeper. Nababaraka ako hit ak posisyon tungod na waray ko idea parti hini na trabohoon hit finance, pero yana nga nakaatend ako hini na training, damo it ak nabaroan na pwede ko magamit dri la para hit am project ha barangay, magagamit ko gihap komo usa nga nanay ha balay pag budget hit gutiay na income hit ak asawa. Yana diri la pagpinanlaba ngan pagluto it ak maaram, myda ko na gadman gihap nababaroan hit kanan accountant trabahoon, feeling accountant na ako yana.” Translation, “This is my first time as a volunteer in Kalahi, and my position is Bookkeeper. I am worried because I don’t have any idea related to finance work and as a bookkeeper, but because I attended this training, I learned a lot that can be used not only in managing community sub-project in the barangay but as well as a mother and wife in managing budget of my husband’s small income. Not only washing clothes and cooking are what I know now, I already know the works of an accountant, I feel like I’m an accountant already.

Being one of the speakers of the training, I am so thankful that volunteers learned and had fun. I have no regrets from leaving my work in a corporate world, and embrace the work of a community service, facilitating and coaching volunteers in managing the fund of sub-projects.

KALAHI CIDSS NCDDP (KC NCDDP) stands for Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services-National Community-Driven Development Program. An empowering and poverty reduction program of the Philippine Government implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWD) where I work as Municipal Financial Analyst.

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5 thoughts on “Empowering Community: Teaching the Basic Financial Management

  1. Aitza B says:

    I absolutely love this. I volunteer with an organisation in my community that has a similar goal. We really do need to see more communities showing this kind of attention to education of the individual for/as collectives.

  2. Sigrid of Lovingly Mama says:

    Wow! This is a nice workshop. I think that one of the things that will empower women is financial management. We are stuck up in a culture where the husband earns and pulls the strings in the home. But if the wife is educated, things will go differently. And thankfully, things are changing , albeit slowly. 😀

  3. Raya says:

    You are doing a great job, sis! I love attending seminars like these… but I really need to put them into practice because financial management takes a lot of discipline!

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