Easy Ways to Care Human Hair Wig

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Hair is considered to be the crowning glory of every individual. Unfortunately, not all are blessed with natural hair by birth, while others losses hair as they grow old because of illnesses and variety of reasons. However, with the invention of human hair wig, be it straight, wavy or curly wigs, individuals have been enjoying this simple-yet-life changing product. Wig instantly help his/her boost in confidence, beauty, and awesomeness in all part.

Here’s an easy ways on how to take care your hair wig.

  • When not in use, hair wig should be kept on wig head to allow ventilation. In the absence of wig head, the alternative way is to store in an airtight container for a long period at normal room temperature.
  • Washing human hair wig should be done 2 to 3 weeks, especially if worn every day. Wash wig under a tap water from top to ends, front to back getting the hair wet completely.
  • When styling, let the hair dry first for at least 50% naturally. Doing this will make your styling easier and tangle free hair. I highly recommend to use a wide tooth comb, then gently comb the hair wig.

These easy caring tips of hair wig is applicable for all human hair wigs, no matter it is made by machine or hand-made. Always remember to take care your wig properly so that bad-hair-day will fly away!

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