Different Types Of Continence Products Available In Market For Such Patients

Many aged people and the patients who have undergone abdominal surgeries may suffer from incontinence or the lack of normal voluntary control on urination. Thus, these people urinate unintentionally whenever their bladders are even partially full, causing great embarrassment for them in front of other people, mainly in public places. Apart from the proper medications, the best instant remedies for these patients are the usages of continence products available in the market. Many companies dealing with medical components now manufacture such beneficial products for the uses of the people suffering continuously from incontinence.

Common types of continence products for use by the patients of incontinence

  • The special pads that can absorb large amounts of liquid are widely used continence products are most popular among the patients suffering from incontinence. Many types of pads vary according to the dimensions and the absorbent capacities of these products so that the buyers can choose as per the severity of their requirements. There are stickers on both sides of these pads, by which they are firmly attached to the underpants of the users. However, these pads cannot be reused and most of them need to be disposed of once fully wet.


  • The specially designed absorbent pants are also highly preferred by the incontinent patients, as most of these pants can be washed and reused for multiple times. There are special meshes or thick nets stitched to the interior part of these pants for the ready absorption of the fluids, which are not easily damaged even on washing.


  • The patients suffering from incontinence often want to buy absorbent bed sheets to save their beds from getting wet at nights, due to their severe problem of urinating involuntarily even while they are sleeping. The inner part of these bed sheets is lined with absorbent materials for soaking all the liquids, keeping the upper part dry and comfortable, which remains in touch with the skin of the patient sleeping over it.


  • The absorbent chair covers also help the incontinent patients in sitting at their homes, without wearing any pad all the time. This chair covers work following the same rules as the absorbent bed sheets, keeping the upper surface dry, due to the absorbent padding on the inner surface of the covers.

  • The male patients suffering from incontinence can comfortably use the penal sheaths that are made of silicone and provided with skin-friendly adhesive to attach one end of this sheath to the penis of the user; while the other end of the sheath is attached to a large bag that is kept between the legs of the patient. This bag can be easily detached every morning and emptied for using again. This type of product is mainly useful for bedridden or partially paralyzed patients, who remain stationed at a fixed place for a long time. The function of these sheaths is almost the same as the externally used catheters used for the urination of bedridden patients in hospitals.

As many companies are producing all these continence products, the buyers need to be careful while choosing the most suitable products for the incontinent patients, from their local pharmacies or the departmental stores. It is better to consult the attending nurse or medical caregiver of the patient about the choice of the right kind of these products.

The amount of urine flowing out at a night and the exact size of the patient should be considered while buying the absorbent pads or pants. The requirements of certain types of the continence items also depend on the kind of lifestyle led by the patient and his/her ability to move around. However, these products should be cared according to the instructions printed on the packs provided by the manufacturing companies.


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