NOVUHAIR & Master Hanz: Attuned with Nature’s Energy

Cliché as it may sound, life has to go on but be it not forgotten that we can’t continue ignoring our body’s natural rhythm. Our individual uniqueness has equipped us with varied energy set up. While others may need more sleep than the normal, some are designed with more sensitivity to asymmetries in daily routine. Ignoring our bodily-sent warning signals to slow down may cause health problems later on.

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The NOVUHAIR ® Officially Launches NOVU VIP CLUB

Pink Woman Photo Glitter & Gold Quote Birthday Facebook Post

What a great way to celebrate NOVUHAIR’s 10 years of success in the Philippines. With
the aim of highlighting further the brand’s advocacy campaign Nothing to lose,
NOVUHAIR ® introduces Go for the Perfect 10! with the launch of its NOVU VIP CLUB.

The NOVU VIP CLUB is designed to guide, inspire and at the same time to take the
journey with the members through a holistic approach in managing hair loss especially
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