The 5 All-Natural Warmth and Care of Lola Remedios

Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, and a little warmer. This famous grandparent quote is on top of my favorites. I do agree with this. I am living proof of the grandparent’s warm care and love towards their grandkids. 

Regarding grandparent or Lola, I heard about this Food Supplement Syrup named Lola Remedios. Curiosity strikes me as to what is the product is for and why it is called Lola Remedios especially that many are claiming its effectiveness. So, to answer my curiosity, I bought 3 sachets of Lola Remedios to try and test how good it is especially that I have a feeling that cold is coming in anytime. 

Let’s found out below what is Lola Remedios Food Supplement is for and the warmth and care it can provide to its consumers.

About Lola Remedios

A ready-to-drink food supplement packed in a small sachet that gives relief to your “mabigat na pakiramdam”(heavy feeling). One sachet contains 15ml and can be used as needed or approximately 1-3 sachets a day. Lola Remedios Food Supplement Syrup is made of all-natural ingredients wherein formulation is inspired from our Lola’s traditional home remedies.  Continue reading The 5 All-Natural Warmth and Care of Lola Remedios