Sun Life Grepa Critical Illness Benefit Rider Now Available To Minors

Over the past year, more and more people have started to understand the importance of having a good health insurance plan resulting in an increased demand for health protection products. Getting sick does not exempt anyone, both children and adults alike, and with the rising cost of health services, access to quality medical facilities and hospitalization expenses can be financially strenuous. 

This is the reason why Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), a major life insurance company in the country, extends its Critical Illness Benefit (CIB) Rider to minors, starting from 30 days old up to 17 years old. The CIB Rider is initially offered only to clients who are 18 to 60 years old. 

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Getting A Car And Travel Insurance In Singapore

Some quotes say, “Jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul.” Everyone loves to travel to make some adventure into his or her lives. However, in traveling, they must remember their safety first. None of the travelers wants to take hitch while traveling. That is why they choose to take insurance with them. They will choose whether Car Insurance or Travel Insurance is the right thing for them or both.

Nevertheless, most of the travelers choose them both to avoid any circumstances.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance companies in Singapore offer three main types of motor insurance policies and two types of the motor insurance scheme.

Three Main Types of Motor Insurance:

Comprehensive car insurance that covers repair or replacement of the vehicle. If it is damaged or lost because of theft, accident, vandalism or weather-related damage. We recommend this type of car insurance if you do not have enough savings to replace the car, or are economically dependent on it.

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Sun Life Financial Advisor and Its Benefits

Being able to provide the needs of our family gives nothing but a satisfying feeling inside. Much more if we extend the support by providing their wants too. Working as an employee alone doesn’t make that possible. Hence, many of us opted for second work or taking up sidelines just to make ends meet. And today, you’ll learn how Sun Life can help you make ends meet by being a Financial Advisor.

The Sun Life History


 Talking about reliability, Sun Life has been in the country for over 120 years already. It had survived 2 world wars and among the life insurance company in the country, only Sun Life had released funds to people without records in hand. That’s how financially stable the company is despite what the country had experienced.

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