Mom’s Shout Out x Lumina Homes Giveaway

 I’m back on sharing Promos and Giveaways that I discovered online as well as the Giveaway I personally hosting. Now in partnership with Lumina Homes here’s a giveaway you can join and get a chance to be one of the winners of Gcash prizes.

Ready, Set, and Enter the Giveaway with easy and simple mechanics to follow.


5 winners: P500 worth of GCash

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Why Lumina Homes is the Perfect House and Lot Gift for the Family

As a mom, I consider every day a Mother’s Day. There’s no place best to celebrate Mother’s Day or any special occasion than your own home.

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is quite challenging. If you are going to ask me if what would be the perfect gift to give, my definite answer is to gift them something like a house and a lot.

An affordable house and lot from Lumina Homes is the perfect gift to give to your family and loved ones. Why opting for a house and a lot or a home?

  •  Buying a house and lot is the best choice to invest in than buying the latest gadgets and branded fashion trends.
  •  A house and lot is a valuable asset that grows over time and can be turned into a passive source of income.
  • Best Deals and affordable house and lot are being offered. You can as well avail of an additional discount using my UNIQUE PROMO CODE: MSOLMN500

There is no other best place ever to stay secure in times of health, and natural calamities, and celebrate special occasions than your own home. So, owning one is a gift everyone will surely appreciate and be thankful for. To help you kickstart your safety place gift for the family, buy an affordable house and lot only at the most trusted, home built of high-quality materials, complete amenities, and accessible – Lumina Homes.

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