Skin Care Tips and Essentials

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Good thing you drop by, continue reading because this post talks about how to stay radiant and shine every day. I’ll be sharing with you skin care tips and essentials that will keep your all-day fresh and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Drink Sufficient Water

Water is beneficial not only for our skin but for our health in general. Keeping hydrated by drinking enough water is the basic skin care tip for a natural radian and healthy skin. Water moisturizes our skin, fights toxins, and prevents acne and pimples to grow.

Use Moisturizer Cream

Using moisturizer products is an essential part of caring for our skin. Moisturizer can rehydrate parched skin, soothe inflammation, and helps the skin barrier be healthy. For dry, delicate, or maturing skin, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Flower Power Moisturizer is the best choice. It deeply hydrating moisturizer giving your skin a soft, dewy, bouncy glow upon application

The Flower Power Moisturizer is formulated with the following ingredients: Continue reading