Ed & Kes Organic Soap: Momma and You & Samsons

Hello there! Here’s a new discovery that I am going to shout out.

I am talking about . . . . . .

Ed & Kes, the mother brand which is created to house two sub brands, Momma and You and SAMSONS, is a supporter of local, natural, organic and handmade products that creates positive change to society. They quietly aid the cause to shelter, protect and aid the women and children of Heart of Mary Villa and Ruhama (RGS).

Momma and You is created for WOMEN and CHILDREN that is safe for infants, babies and their Mommas. Created and formulated to be natural and organic with no harsh chemicals, it is safe to the most sensitive skin.

SAMSONS is a brand for MEN with very specific skin types and skin care needs. It is created and formulated with natural and organic ingredients for men who need treatment and healing from eczema, acne, rashes and psoriasis.

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