Cetaphil Partners with Watsons for the National Healthy Skin Mission

To celebrate 75 years of being the leaders in the sensitive skin space, Cetaphil has partnered with Watsons for this year’s National Healthy Skin Mission.

A brand whose success is built on creating dermatologist-recommended skincare products for every skin story, this year’s National Healthy Skin Mission is an experimental booth located at SM Makati that will serve as a one-stop shop for all skincare needs and will allow customers to learn from trusted dermatologist experts.

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Skin CareTips and Essential Products for Baby

Baby skin is delicate and cuddly soft. We have to be extra careful in using products for their daily wash and lotion. With the wide-range variety of products for babies that are available in the market, it’s so confusing if we are picking the right one. But because baby skin is so sensitive the caring is different compared to the adult. It simply means their skin requires special care and special products to use.

Check out these basic skin care tips and essential products for babies that I applied to my kids. You can follow these too for it suits every child. For my kids daily skincare routine, I only trust Cetaphil Baby Products from bath time and after.

What are these Cetaphil Products?

  • Gentle Wash & Shampoo
  • Advanced Protection Cream
  • Pro AD Derma Skin Restoring Moisturizer

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