Family Vacation: Tips and Tricks in Choosing the Ideal Place

Having a family means keeping them happy. Planning a Dream vacation for the family can be quite hectic. Different family members have different ideas on the ideal vacation, so you may need to figure out the best option to suit everyone’s needs. From the lakeside to the exotic countryside around the world, one can travel to. Creating a list of all locations that you may want to visit at some point and prioritizing some of them is the best way to narrow down the best destinations for that perfect vacation. Here are some few tips on choosing the ideal place family vacation:

  • Expense Issues

The costs involved are the highest priority to be considered when choosing the ideal vacation. You need to know the amount of money you have to spend, try out a vacation that best suits your budget. Creating a budget is quite easy, try calculating the transportation costs, may it be for the vehicle expense or the plane. The next step is to divide the remaining money by the number of days you will be spending the vacation. This expense includes the amount to be spent for your sleeping needs, food, fun activities and miscellaneous costs. Try staying on your Continue reading

Chris Oyakhilome: Leading a Global Ministry

Meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris will immediately captivate you when you meet him. Chris Oyakhilome has a smile that will inspire you right away. He has been going strong within his ministry for over 25 years now. He offers a healing opportunity and ministry, he is a television host and he is an author. He has already assisted millions of people by helping them to enjoy a life of purpose within God’s world. This is a victory for many. His bestselling book is Rhapsody of Realities. This has traveled around the world. It is a number one daily devotional book. This is also a Bible-study guide. It has already been distributed to over 200 countries. This is in at least 800 languages. New languages of often being added. The languages allow his writings to be accessible to various Continue reading

We Are Family #BehindTheBlogger

Meet my little family, who’s getting ready to welcome another sweet baby in the world. Yours truly is in pink.


We are family, living a simple life in townhomes of Tacloban, City, Leyte, Philippines. Yes, we came from the land hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan, and I am thankful and feeling fortunate as well that we are still complete, happy together overcoming life’s obstacles and with great faith to the creator.

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10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn

Every mom wants to see their children grow healthy, happy, and successful as well as know how to manage money. It is most necessary that at their young age, they already know how to handle and spend money wisely. Being their first teacher, we mom should take the time help our kids learn how to doing this thing called money management. I have here an infographic sent to me by a fellow Samareno from, it’s about the 10 Money Principles Kids Should Learn

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Excited for Summer

Summer is almost here and I can’t help but think about it! I can almost smell the salty breeze at the beach, the warmth that provides more energy and radiance to ordinary days. I can almost feel the sand under my bare feet giving me a sense of comfort and solace, the sun slightly burning my skin giving me a perfect tan. I can almost hear the crashing of the waves as they reach the shores, the children’s laughter as they play on sand or make those cute sand castles. I can imagine myself peacefully watching the beautiful sunset and enjoying the night afterwards. A bon-fire, food and drinks, happy music, and a great company to complete the ensemble for my perfect getaway.

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Karate-do: A Healthy Dose


At an early age of 7 years old, my little man is into martial arts, particularly the Shotokan Karate-do. It all started when I enrolled him in a free Karate-do Summer Clinic 2016 sponsored by the City of Tacloban Philippines. After that summer clinic, he is now a regular student of Shotokan Karate-do in Leyte.

Some parents may think that letting kids get martial arts training is not a good idea because it promotes violence as what is seen in many movies and video games. However, as what I have observed in the 4 hours weekend Karate-do class of my little man, I don’t agree with that opinion of some parents. Actually, martial arts help kids to achieve fitness, develops self-discipline and socialization skills. Aside from the mentioned benefits of martial arts, below are additional punch of healthy dose kids can acquire in martial arts training:

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