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If you are looking for a Writer, Social Media Manager or Advertiser you are on the right page, because I’m offering budget friendly or FREE of charge promotional services for your products, business or website and can help you achieve your goals and level up your business.

I am a professional freelance writer, have the pleasure to write a variety of topics such as Family and Parenting, Business and Finance, Health and Wellness, Food and Travels. In addition, I do accept product review, copy paste services and social media managing and giveaway hosting. Further, I can assure you that hiring me is not a mistake for I can deliver tasks proximately before that timeline given.

Below are the latest status of this website and my social media channels.

Page Authority – 34

Domain Authority – 12

Daily Unique Visit – 500+

Monthly Page Visit – 50,000+

Facebook Page – 7,000+

Twitter Follower – 2,200+

Instagram Follower 3,00+

Pinterest – 500+

E-mail Subscriber – 5,000+

Important Note for Advertising/Sponsorship Services


A sidebar space (300×200 size) will be provided for your banner/logo or text which is linked directly to your business or website.

You will be the one to provide the banner/logo/photo for the ads.

The advertisement is always visible anywhere on the blog regardless of what post or page the audience views.

The rate is absolutely budget-friendly and I offer great deals or FREE ads (contact me for the ad rates momshoutout@gmail.com).


The client should provide me product/s for review.

An honest review will be posted with actual photos of the product/s received.

Links to website/social media channels will be mentioned in the review post.

The client should shoulder the shipment of the product/s for review.


Giveaway sponsor/s accepted here.

Let me be your giveaway host in any event. FREE of Charge.

The giveaway could be solo or in collaboration with other bloggers/online shops.

Done using raffle copter to gather giveaway entrant’s entries

Giveaway prizes accepted are in-kind (items, gift check, shopping voucher, coupon code, PayPal Cash, etc.)

Giveaway will be promoted via social media channels and groups I’m connected to.

Contact me now at momshoutout@gmail.com, you’ll receive a response immediately. Thanks ahead.