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Filipinos are known to be hardworking and skilled in different niches. If an opportunity knocks in where they can earn for a living, they try to learn it and excel because of hard work, dedication, and inspiration which is the family. I am a Filipino, and one of those who will grab the right opportunity that comes in especially when it is about providing article writing services, knowledge in accounting and selling my handcraft creation globally.

Yours truly works as a regular employee in the corporate world since 2007 in the accounting field. I love writing and started to blog which later on I learned of different markets online where I can post my portfolio as a writer. I grab this opportunity and luckily clients like my writing output and I earned from it. Since then, I registered and sell my skill as a writer to a different marketplace. Recently I signed up to a new marketplace named Rakuboss.ph

What is Rakuboss.ph and How to Create Portfolio and Sell?

An online marketplace for skilled Filipino freelances where they can create a portfolio and sell their skills like article writing, web designing, blog article writing, bookkeeping and many more to clients worldwide. Rakuboss.ph is the first Filipino marketplace that only accepts Filipino skilled freelancers.  Creating an account in this market place is absolutely FREE. Find below steps on how to sign-up and create your own portfolio and sell your skills.

First – Click Register on the upper left side of the website; fill in the data asked like Name, Email Address, Username, and Password. Check the 2 boxes to confirm that you are not a robot and you accept the Terms & Services and Privacy Policy. Once done with all these, head over to your email address and check email from Rakuboss.ph, click the button that says “Click Here to Activate Your Account.”

Second – Complete your Rakuboss.ph settings in Profile, Account, and Withdrawal. Fill in correct of informations that is being asked. Reminder: Please double check before saving especially in the Withdrawal setting because it is where your income goes.

Third – Create a Portfolio/Sideline to sell. To do this here’s an easy step to follow:

In the Selling Tab, click “My Sidelines”, click “Add New Proposals” to Create a New Sideline.  Complete the Sideline details make sure to complete the information and instructions. Keep the Sideline Description brief but straight. Provide presentable or marketable image in size 1000W x 600 Height in landscape format. Submit and wait for the verification of your sideline listing.

Once your Sideline is Approved by Rakuboss.ph they will help you in finding clients based on your description. Interested clients that will avail your service will reflect on your “My Sidelines” page. Aside from waiting for clients to contact and avail of your service you can as well contact them regarding their job listing.

Registration and selling your portfolio is FREE just take note that Rakuboss.ph will have a 6% commission for every successful transaction you have so consider this in making the price for your Sideline.

Well, this new marketplace is the best place for online freelancers to promote and find clients worldwide. An organized platform plus it’s easy and friendly to use.   

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  1. Ito pala ang ibig sabihin ng rakuboss. Ph or meaning ng website nya big help naman po ito sa mga nag uumpisa palang kasi free register na sya kaya naman talagang makakatulong sila sa mga freelance

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