5 Helpful Insights on How to Keep a Job

Do you have a job? Are you afraid of losing it? If yes, then you must finish reading this post of mine because later on, you can learn 5 helpful insights on how to keep a job . . . your job.

As a working mother, I’m actually not satisfied with the routine duties I have, family-work-blogging and vice-versa. I love learning and exploring new things, reading helpful notes to make me do extremely well in the career I have.

Anyway, I recently received and read this book about “How toKeep a Job”. To review the book, below are inspiring and motivational inputs in whatever career you have.

Cultivate a Willing Attitude – Keep in mind that your attitude will reflect on the quality of work you do. Your employer will judge your worth to the company not only on your work output but also on your attitude. Therefore, to keep your job, develop and practice a positive attitude.

Like what Mr. Cleveland J. Jones (employment specialist) advised, “Let your employer see that not only you can follow instructions but you can as well do more than what is required without constant supervision”.

Be Co-operative – Nobody is an Island. Even if you are a working at home, or in your office room by yourself, time will come that you will be in contact with people-your DA, supervisor, colleagues and employer. So try to build and practice a good human relationship because skill alone does not guarantee to keep your job right now.

Don’t Gossip – Gossip could give you a poor impression. If something is bothering you on the job, don’t broadcast it through gossip. Instead, go and talk to your head or the person involved regarding that matter. These opening statements is the best way to use to begin the discussion, “I need your help . . .” Or “ I may be wrong, but I feel this way about . . .”.

Be Punctual – To keep you on track with your job practice the habit of being at your work station ON TIME. Reasons why many employed lost their job because of these two big reasons: being late for work and missing days from work.

Be Honest – An honest employee is trusted. Mr. Jones said that an honest employee will prevent him from stealing not only material things but also time by taking needless breaks. Thus, honestly in whatever aspect will help keep your job.

My Say:

As an employed mother this book and its contents are truly of help to keep our job and stand out in the company where we belong. I do salute to Naija Job Hunt team for creating this mini guide. After reading this book I came to the realization and decided to change my habit of being late, not just on the company I’m employed but as well to the tasks sent by the DA’s on my other career as a blogger/freelance writer.

Furthermore, it is absolutely true that finding a job is not that easy so whatever job we have right now, let’s be thankful, love it and work hard to keep it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these key points. May I add that employees should have an open communication with the boss. 🙂

  2. Great advices! I am not working but I can still and actually applying some of your tips in my life. It will keep us sane and away from the hate! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I left my job when I gave birth to my son and although I have no regrets with my decision, I do miss the corporate world from time to time. These are all great tips, especially the first one. 🙂

  4. I’ve been to 6 companies before I decided to retire and be a stay at home mom. These are great tips especially to those who just got their first job.

  5. Totally agree. Nobody I guess would want a lazy, uncooperative individual in his/her business. And gossip is a culture not only of the Philippines but even of other Asian countries but it’s really disgusting and should be avoided.

  6. These tips are SO true-and it is interesting to see how many people don’t follow them! x Great Post!

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