Why Payday & Installment Loans Can Be Dangerous

Fortunately, there were times in the distant past when to take out a loan, you had to collect a considerable number of documents, enlist the support of third parties, and look for collateral. All this is without a guarantee that you will receive approval of the loan application at the end of the road. Today everything is much simpler.

Numerous finance organizations are ready to provide you with an online loan daily. There is no need to leave home, wait for the branch to open, or carry a stack of documents confirming your income. Just go to the website of the chosen financial organization, fill out the questionnaire, and indicate the desired amount and the credit term. These actions will be enough to get a loan with a 90 percent probability.

The number of microfinance organizations in the Philippines has increased significantly in recent years. Loan through the Internet in five minutes — thanks to aggressive advertising, and simple and fast lending conditions, they issue a considerable number of Payday & Installment Loans in the Philippines. However, a cruel world hides behind the bright advertising facade. And there is the processing of loans based on other people’s documents, the demand for non-existent debts, high interest on subsequent loans, penalties, fines, threats, and blackmail of collectors.

Why Do People Take Loans?

Every citizen who has applied to any bank for money knows the uncomfortable feeling of having to wait a long time for a decision. And before that, you still need to spend a lot of time collecting documents that will prove that you can return the funds received. The burden on mental health is extreme, even though funds may not be provided.

There will be no unpleasant moments when applying for a loan online. You sit comfortably at home in a chair, and all you need to do is fill out the form on the website. After checking the specified information, it must be forwarded for consideration and wait for the approval of the application. It is worth applying to organizations with a good reputation. Suppose problems arise during the processing of your application. In that case, you need to call the support service, which will help to resolve the difficulties.

When Is Online Loan Beneficial?

Online loans are quick loans for small amounts without collateral or guarantors. Money may be needed for various needs. Unplanned, the required quantity is not always at hand. If a bank loan is unavailable, it is impossible to turn to friends or relatives or take a loan online without a refusal from a credit organization. They will help solve the following current financial issues:

  • trips;

  • treatment;

  • shopping;

  • teaching;

  • re-financing of old debts.

The loan involves an increased interest rate, so it is better not to delay the return of the borrowed amount. To minimize overpayments, repay the debt as soon as possible. Another option is to look for promotions and discounts; special offers help save up to 100% of the amount of common interest.

Why Online Loans Can Be Dangerous

So, why is online credit dangerous? The client does not always understand that the interest specified in the contract is accrued daily. And that there are specific time frames that must be adhered to avoid fines. There are situations when a person borrows a small amount of money at 0%. The time comes to repay the debt, and he has no money. There can be many reasons: the payment of wages was delayed, a friend did not return the debt, etc. In this case, arrears are formed despite the zero interest rate, and severe fines are charged.

It is worth contacting credit organizations only in extreme cases and if there is a 100% guarantee of timely debt repayment. The extension of the credit agreement is a real salvation in situations where it is impossible making a regular payment on time. Speaking about the fact that online loans are dangerous, contact the organization where there is an extension. Such companies are safer and more loyal to borrowers.

What makes online loans dangerous are fines for late payments and interest rate increases. The longer a person does not pay the debt, the bigger it becomes. After a certain period, the creditor can sell the case to the collection service.

Quite often, clients do not understand that online loans are more expensive than bank consumer loans and are in no hurry to return the money. For late payment, interest and fines are charged even if the loan was taken with a zero interest rate.

What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Loan

Before you go for an online loan, make sure you know the following:

  • How much money must be returned?

  • What is the cost of the loan?

  • When do you need to repay the loan?

  • What will happen if you don’t pay on time?

Many companies now offer their customers the first loan at 0.01%. This way, they attract more customers, but this low rate only happens once or twice and applies to subsequent loans.

The following rules should be followed:

  • Carefully check the lending company you are going to apply to. Find out if it has a website or an offline branch and how long the organization has existed. Scammers often create websites that entirely copy the services of other famous companies. Stay alert!

  • Pay attention to the terms of consideration of applications. Most lending companies issue loan decisions within 10-15 minutes. If you are asked to wait longer, you should be wary.

  • Never pay an application processing fee. This is one of the types of scams common in the financial services market.

  • Carefully read the terms of the contract. The amount, credit terms, interest rate, possible fines, and penalties should be specified in the document.

In order not to worry about the fact that online loans are dangerous, contact verified financial organizations.

Consequences of Overdue Online Loan

Lending companies take financial risks into account, offering higher interest rates than other credit institutions. However, this does not mean that debtors do not bear any responsibility. Online credit is dangerous for malicious defaulters. Different measures can be taken concerning customers who have incurred debts. The most common of them are:

  • If the delay is insignificant, the borrower can call, send an SMS, email, or mail to the residence address with a payment reminder.

  • When taking out loans with the participation of collateral, the matter is much simpler: the collateral is used to pay off the debt.

  • Suppose the client stubbornly does not want to return the loan taken online. In that case, it will become dangerous because of the sale to the collection agency.

  • Another possible outcome is a trial. As practice shows, all such cases end with the victory of the lending company.

A loan taken out online is dangerous in several situations. If you have been caught by fraudsters, you have not carefully read the loan agreement terms, or you have missed payments.

Final Thoughts

Online credit is a quick help in solving any financial issues. The money you get with a loan will be enough to solve ordinary tasks. The loan for regular customers will be pretty significant — the amounts under the limits will gradually increase.

Lending organizations are loyal to the borrower’s credit history. They have their own requirements, but they are not strict, which means that even a client with arrears in the past and significant financial burdens in the present can take out a loan. However, there are a lot of risks entitled with loans. Your task is to choose a verified loan from a credit organization and pay it on time.

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