Why and What To Do On Your Mental Health Day

There have been so many stressors that all of us, all across the globe, have had to manage this year. It has taken a toll on our health, and on all aspects of our health, from physical well being to emotional and mental too. That’s why sometimes it’s OK to dive into a day that you reserve for yourself and your mental strength and stability.

Of course, in our society, it’s not exactly expected to ask for a day off to tend to your brain and your emotions. The only days off that are really given the OK tend to be actual sick days and actual vacation days. Tell someone you’re feeling blue and they’ll ask if you want a cup of coffee or something.

But if you can, a day focused on mental health can be restorative for you. Learn why and what to do from the details in this graphic. Kindly click the image below for the details.

Is it time for a mental health day?
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  1. Sa panahon natin ngayon need padin natin alagaan ang mental health ng bawat isa kaya super ganda nito shinare mo ma

  2. Thanks for sharing this po very helpful

  3. This one is A great discussion..Napakahalaga talaga na pangalagaan natin ang ating Mental Health

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