3 Side Hustle Ways You Can Do To Earn and Save Up for College Tuition

Every parent wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. Why? Because of the belief that education is the most powerful investment in our children’s future. It can put them on a path towards good employment or a successful career in their chosen field.

In my country, the Philippines, sending kids to private schools is expensive. I paid monthly tuition of almost three thousand pesos (3,000.00) for my kindergarten. Above two thousand pesos (2,000.00 +) monthly tuition for my Junior High, because he availed the government subsidy amounting to almost eleven thousand pesos covered for one school year. If I’m going to compare this tuition fee to previous years, it increased to 50%. Looking forward to my kids’ college education, I guess it will become more expensive in the future because of the rising inflation we have. To figure out if how much amount I need to set aside per month, I used Education Savings Calculator  an easy partner in computing amount to save for college school expenses.  

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Why Payday & Installment Loans Can Be Dangerous

Fortunately, there were times in the distant past when to take out a loan, you had to collect a considerable number of documents, enlist the support of third parties, and look for collateral. All this is without a guarantee that you will receive approval of the loan application at the end of the road. Today everything is much simpler.

Numerous finance organizations are ready to provide you with an online loan daily. There is no need to leave home, wait for the branch to open, or carry a stack of documents confirming your income. Just go to the website of the chosen financial organization, fill out the questionnaire, and indicate the desired amount and the credit term. These actions will be enough to get a loan with a 90 percent probability.

The number of microfinance organizations in the Philippines has increased significantly in recent years. Loan through the Internet in five minutes — thanks to aggressive advertising, and simple and fast lending conditions, they issue a considerable number of Payday & Installment Loans in the Philippines. However, a cruel world hides behind the bright advertising facade. And there is the processing of loans based on other people’s documents, the demand for non-existent debts, high interest on subsequent loans, penalties, fines, threats, and blackmail of collectors.

Why Do People Take Loans?

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How to Reduce Expenses Amidst Tough Economy

As we continue to live a new normal life because of COVID19 pandemic, a new challenge arises like week-on-week price hike of gasoline in the market which in the end causes an increase as well of basic needs like foods. Money makes the world go round and helps us continue to live the life we want. We use money for buying food, clothes, medicines, gasoline, transportation expenses, house to live , paying bills, and other necessary needs. Money is used as well for the wants and leisure we want to experience in life while we are living in this wonderful world like traveling, staying in a luxury hotel and resorts, eating delicious foods and others. No matter how much money we have, or I must say you have (because I don’t have that much money) still it is important to have some sort of plan and budgeting.

For the likes of me who sometimes run out of money, especially in time when most needed, Payday Loan is my remedy. Still, spending money wisely and saving for the rainy days is important. I’ve learned from my spending habit mistakes and come up with solutions. I think this will also be helpful to you. That is why I decided to share these tips on how to reduce expenses especially amidst a tough economy and live debt-free life.

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Avoid Impulsive Shopping

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Back to School Shopping The Frugal Ways

Hi, there mommies! I hope you have a fabulous day.

What’s keeping you busy these days?

I’m in the full week mode of preparation and working with so many things like family matters, office work,  tasks to be done as a content creator and back to school shopping especially that the start of school is getting near where face to face classes will be implemented. All these motherhood  things and blogger/content creator tasks that make me busy are beautiful for, it only means that an additional income. I’m so thankful for all the paid gigs and collaboration, the earnings are a big help to my family’s budget. 

While I’m making money, I feel the need to tighten the expenses now that prices of commodities and basic needs keep going up. About the upcoming school year and back to school shopping, there is no need to spend a fortune as long as you know and apply these few simple back to school shopping frugal ways. But if your budget is still not enough and you need to borrow, www.creditloan.com will help you. Creditloan.com is a trusted consumer-focused finance website that educates consumers on a wide range of personal finance matters and tools like financial calculators and many more.

Back to saving expenses for school shopping, here are the frugal ways that I’m talking about.

Take advantage of Back To School Sales

Stores, shopping malls and even online shops love sales themed promotion. That’s why you see sales like, Father’s Day Sale, Memorial Day Sales, Back to School Sales and other kinds of seasonal sales. So take advantage and grab this opportunity to shop for your kids’ school supplies needs. Continue reading

Realistic Steps to Start on Your Emergency Fund

Life is indeed full of surprises, and this includes unexpected expenses – from the sudden ticket selling of your fave musician to fixing your vehicle and taking your pet to the vet.
Having a ‘rainy-day’ fund is important, which is money specifically saved for unplanned expenses, gives you a safety
net so unplanned expenses won’t disrupt your budget or force you into debt.
The ideal rainy-day or emergency fund is usually at least three months worth of your expenses. This may seem like a lot of money, but here are small and practical ways to get started:

Track your expenses

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