What Fun Games to Play Online for Mommy’s Me Time

Hello there moms, how was your day?

I hope you have an amazing day and can spend the so-called “me time” or time for yourself. Yes, we do need this. It’s not a mistake to spend half of an hour or more quiet time, doing something that relaxes our body and mind. 

Did you know that I have so much “me time” to do on my bucket list? I already shared some of it in my previous post, Mommy “Me Time” Ideas for Relaxation, where one on the list is playing online games. So now, I will be sharing a website of fun games to play online and the three games I play most to get rid of stress and relax. 

Fun Games to Play Online for Mommy’s Me Time

On top of the games is Candy House that is like Candy Crush. To play this game, you have to swap two items to match three or more colors in a vertical column or horizontal row. Earn power-up by matching longer pieces. I love the background music of this game.

Treasure of Atlantis is on the second list. Why do I play this game? Well, it’s because I love the fictional story of this place. Same with the Candy House game, you have to swap two items to match three or more of the same items, but the goal of this online game is to get each part of a picture to the bottom by removing the pieces that block underneath.

Let us practice how good our vocabulary is, by playing Letter Scramble, which is on my top 3 list of fun games to play online. To play this game, you have to use a keyboard to type out words using letters from the playing field, then click enter when you are spelling the word correctly. Make sure that the words you create are valid English-language. 

There you have it. All these games are on Solitaire.org where you can play for free. Try to play one of the games on your mommy me time because spending time alone is good and beneficial. It relaxes and recharges our body and mind, leading to becoming inspired and more productive. 

Stay tuned for my next Mommy Me Time update is K-Dramas to watch. 

What is your mommy me-time activity? Feel free to share your list in the comment box.