Improving Lung Cancer Detection and Treatment

Lung cancer is the most diagnosed cancer type in the world, with 2,206,771 recorded cases in 20201, and it is the second most common cancer type in the Philippines, with 19,180 cases reported in the same year2.

Locally and internationally, it is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths with a mortality count of 17,063 in the country2 and a global demise of 1,796,144 annually1.

Lung cancer usually does not exhibit signs and symptoms during its early stages3,4. It is typically diagnosed by the time cancer has already advanced4.

Low health literacy and limited access to medical assistance also negatively impact a cancer patient’s survivorship. Some Filipinos remain undiagnosed as they choose not to proceed with screening tests because of financial incapacity5. More accessible programs for healthcare assistance are still needed in the country.

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Lunguard To Boost the Lung Health and Immunity

Did you know that November is Lung Awareness Month? This initiative is to unite people across the country to stand together, raise public awareness regarding cancer, and on how to defeat this leading cancer killer.

How do you protect and take care of your lungs?

The lungs are very important in our body. Although it is possible to live without a lung, it’s very risky and can lead to death. The lungs are the most affected of our body by COVID-19, so we have to protect, keep them strong and healthy.

How to do it?

Don’t smoke, eat healthy foods, especially those rich in antioxidants, exercise regularly for it will help function the lungs properly and lastly take food supplements that can boost lungs immunity like Lunguard Chewable Tablet

What is Lunguard?

Lunguard is the first natural vitamins for lung immunity in the Philippines duly approved by Philippine FDA. Lunguard contains the  award-winning US patented Snow Pear young fruit extract together with 9 more natural herbs and botanicals that BOOSTS your lung immunity, ENHANCES your lung function and IMPROVES your breathing.

This chewable supplement for the lungs is for adults only and is safe to take, once a day regularly after a meal for it is plant-based made, NON GMO, sugar-free and cholesterol-free. The natural ingredients are as follows:

  • Snow Pear Young Fruit Extract
  • Licorice
  • Honeysuckle
  • Grape Seed
  • Tremella Fuciformis
  • Balloon Flower or commonly known as Korean Bell Flower
  • Monk Fruit is also known as Oriental Godly Fruit
  • Peppermint
  • Barley Grass, and
  • Konjac

The US patented snow pear young fruit extract in LUNGUARD has been awarded for its cutting-edge technology and its ability to enhance lung functions:  Gold Medalist 2017 Geneva Invention Awards and Gold Medalist 2019 Canadian iCAN International Invention Innovation Awards.

Lunguard is a registered trademark of Regicon Healthcare Inc. in partnership with Taiwan-based Asia’s Food Technology Manufacturing Company, manufactured in an ISO 22000, NSF GMP Certified and HACCP Certified facility.

Where to Buy and How much is Lunguard?

Lunguard costs only Php25.00 per tablet or Php250.00 per pouch of 10 chewable tablets.

Buy Lunguard at Regicon Healthcare Official Store in Shopee: or other store partners such as:

  • LazzMall
  • GrabMart

Since it is Lung Cancer Awareness Month enjoy the Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery for the whole month of November. Feel free to use my voucher code: REGIMOMSO to get a 10% discount for every pouch with 10 chewable tablets of Lunguard.   


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My Verdict

I like its benefits of boosting our immunity and protecting the lungs, the part of our body that is most affected by the infectious disease COVID-19.

The taste is likable because it’s lemon and mint flavor that soothes like candy. I like the idea of being a chewable tablet food supplement for it can easily be carried anytime and anywhere. The resealable packaging is highly appreciated as well. The price is worth it for the good value of each tablet to our health. 

Food allergens can’t be found in Lunguard but if you are taking medication due to your current medical condition, I suggest consulting your doctor if the product will have any effect on the medicine you are currently taking. 

Overall, Lunguard is approved and I highly recommend it.