Prevent Hypertension with Organique Acai Premium Blend

Everyone wants to live a happy life. One of the keys to having a happy life is staying fit and healthy. Achieving this kind of life is possible by making the right health decisions. These healthy decisions include regular exercise, eating, and drinking healthy and nutritious foods. A healthy lifestyle can make us feel better. Even better because we can prevent illnesses like the silent killer hypertension.

Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It is a primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and sometimes death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people who have this condition are unaware of it since they may not experience any warning or symptoms. A regular check-up of your blood pressure by a healthcare professional is important for they can make an overall assessment of your health condition, and provide additional recommendations on what medication to do to manage the blood pressure level.

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Kickstart Your Wellness Journey by Quitting Smoking Plus a Daily Shot of Organique Acai Premium Blend

Smoking, for many, is a hard habit to break. This kind of habit makes them feel better, especially when they are stressed, hanging out with friends who are in this habit, and for some reason like losing weight. But, no matter what the reason behind smoking, still, doing this is unhealthy and harmful to our bodies and the people around us. If you are on a wellness journey and want to keep a healthy life you must break this habit and quit smoking for good.

Dr. Dexter Macalintal, a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, explains that smoking has many negative effects and can lead to addiction because of the chemical nicotine. When this chemical occupies the smoker’s body, it tells the brain to release dopamine, which is the happy hormone. This is why smokers feel happy and relaxed and repeat the smoking activity, especially when distressed or angry. When the user can’t control smoking, it leads to a compulsory act and becomes addicted.

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Organique Acai Premium Blend: Your Partner for a Healthy Cleansing

Kwaresma or Lent season allows us to have a long holiday. Lent is a season where Christians observe fasting, abstinence, praying, and other acts of penance. Some take advantage of the long holiday to go on travel for a vacation away from home. 

How about you, how did you spend or observe the lent? Did you go on a vacation or practice fasting, which is observed during Ash Wednesday and Good Friday of the Holy Week? Fasting is actually not done only in observance of Holy Week, some do this before going for a medical check-up like a blood glucose test, others do fasting for health reasons, while following a specific diet or special products to cleanse and get rid of body toxins.

Cleansing our body in a way of fasting or detoxification is beneficial. It promotes weight loss due to the decrease in food intake, gives our digestive system time to rest, and helps to dispose of toxins in our body. Although this act is beneficial for our health, doing this is not for everyone, especially those with health complications such as cancer, severe diabetes, and people in senior years. If you are planning to do body cleansing, you must have the willpower, must be physically active, and healthy, and find a partner like food supplements that will give your body complete vitamins and nutrients in place of the reduction of food intake. Continue reading

Your Guide to a COVID-free Home

Once again, the Department of Health (DOH) categorized the Philippines as a “high risk” country for the COVID-19 virus*. As the number of cases spikes and the positivity rate increases by the day, there’s no doubt that the highly contagious Omicron variant plays a part.

In response to the current situation, the government has raised the alert level status in some parts of the country and continues its vaccination efforts. And while we can further increase our body’s protection by getting a booster shot against the coronavirus, it’s vital to remain vigilant for the sake of everyone in your household. 

But how can you make your home clean and safe from the threats of the said virus, especially the Omicron strain? Here are some tips from Clorox Philippines, one of the country’s leading providers of cleaning and disinfecting products. 

Watch out for COVID-19 symptoms. 

The general symptoms of COVID-19 and its variants differ, let alone from the common flu. It’s critical that you familiarize yourself or at least be knowledgeable of their distinct indicators so you will know the next step you should take for your family’s safety.

If a family member has symptoms of COVID-19, isolate them immediately and undergo an antigen or RT-PCR test to confirm.

Regularly clean and disinfect your home. 

While cleaning and disinfecting take a lot of time and effort, it’s never wrong to apply extra safety measures now that the threat of the Omicron strain is growing. It will also help keep your household members free from bacteria and other viruses that may cause different kinds of sickness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cleaning alone with the assistance of a household cleaner can already eliminate most of the COVID-19 virus on your surfaces and decrease existing germs in your home. Remember that it’s always essential to disinfect if you have COVID-infected family members to prevent the spread of the virus.


Frequently disinfect high-touch surfaces.

High-touch surfaces are the surfaces we usually touch with our hands. Whether inside or outside our homes, these surfaces may be contaminated and exposed to different bacteria and viruses, especially the COVID-19 virus, as multiple people touch them several times a day. For that reason, disinfecting these surfaces should be a part of your daily safety protocol. 


At your home, always disinfect your doorknobs, doorbells, light switches, countertops, tables, everyday carry-ons, gadgets, toys, and deliveries. And when you’re outside, remember to disinfect surfaces in shared transportations, your workplace, public spaces, and even ATMs.

Make cleaning and disinfecting easier with Clorox Cleaners. 

Now, to help you clean and disinfect easier and effectively, especially if you have COVID-hit members, there’s no better and trusted companion than Clorox Cleaners. For your home’s different surfaces, whether it’s made of synthetic marble, stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, plastic, glazed porcelain, or sealed granite, wipe them clean with the power of Clorox All-Purpose Cleaner, a bleach-free cleaner that’s proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus*

Clorox Disinfecting Bleach, on the other hand, can be used to wash down your laundry or to clean and disinfect your other surfaces, like your house’s floors. And for your bathroom, you can utilize Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner. These two cleaners can also eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Then, don’t forget to use Clorox Expert Disinfectant Spray for a 30-second sanitization of the soft and hard surfaces in your house. Capable of also removing 99.9% of bacteria, fungus, and viruses including the COVID-19 virus*, you and your family can say goodbye to your home’s germs and odors. 

Lastly, make it a one-minute habit to wipe down the high-touch surfaces inside and outside your home with Clorox Expert Disinfecting Wipes. In just one step, you will be able to clean and disinfect your surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus*. (Follow Clorox Cleaners’ usage instructions as per label.)

“At Clorox, we always believe that everyone should feel safe in their homes. With our Clorox Cleaners, we hope to help provide Filipino families that kind of comfort, even with the Omicron threat. Let’s always remain vigilant by regularly cleaning and disinfecting our homes to keep our loved ones safe and sound,” said Monique Gonzalez, marketing manager for Clorox Southeast Asia.


Lunguard To Boost the Lung Health and Immunity

Did you know that November is Lung Awareness Month? This initiative is to unite people across the country to stand together, raise public awareness regarding cancer, and on how to defeat this leading cancer killer.

How do you protect and take care of your lungs?

The lungs are very important in our body. Although it is possible to live without a lung, it’s very risky and can lead to death. The lungs are the most affected of our body by COVID-19, so we have to protect, keep them strong and healthy.

How to do it?

Don’t smoke, eat healthy foods, especially those rich in antioxidants, exercise regularly for it will help function the lungs properly and lastly take food supplements that can boost lungs immunity like Lunguard Chewable Tablet

What is Lunguard?

Lunguard is the first natural vitamins for lung immunity in the Philippines duly approved by Philippine FDA. Lunguard contains the  award-winning US patented Snow Pear young fruit extract together with 9 more natural herbs and botanicals that BOOSTS your lung immunity, ENHANCES your lung function and IMPROVES your breathing.

This chewable supplement for the lungs is for adults only and is safe to take, once a day regularly after a meal for it is plant-based made, NON GMO, sugar-free and cholesterol-free. The natural ingredients are as follows:

  • Snow Pear Young Fruit Extract
  • Licorice
  • Honeysuckle
  • Grape Seed
  • Tremella Fuciformis
  • Balloon Flower or commonly known as Korean Bell Flower
  • Monk Fruit is also known as Oriental Godly Fruit
  • Peppermint
  • Barley Grass, and
  • Konjac

The US patented snow pear young fruit extract in LUNGUARD has been awarded for its cutting-edge technology and its ability to enhance lung functions:  Gold Medalist 2017 Geneva Invention Awards and Gold Medalist 2019 Canadian iCAN International Invention Innovation Awards.

Lunguard is a registered trademark of Regicon Healthcare Inc. in partnership with Taiwan-based Asia’s Food Technology Manufacturing Company, manufactured in an ISO 22000, NSF GMP Certified and HACCP Certified facility.

Where to Buy and How much is Lunguard?

Lunguard costs only Php25.00 per tablet or Php250.00 per pouch of 10 chewable tablets.

Buy Lunguard at Regicon Healthcare Official Store in Shopee: or other store partners such as:

  • LazzMall
  • GrabMart

Since it is Lung Cancer Awareness Month enjoy the Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery for the whole month of November. Feel free to use my voucher code: REGIMOMSO to get a 10% discount for every pouch with 10 chewable tablets of Lunguard.   


Follow as well their social media to keep updated on their promos

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Instagram page: @Lunguardph


My Verdict

I like its benefits of boosting our immunity and protecting the lungs, the part of our body that is most affected by the infectious disease COVID-19.

The taste is likable because it’s lemon and mint flavor that soothes like candy. I like the idea of being a chewable tablet food supplement for it can easily be carried anytime and anywhere. The resealable packaging is highly appreciated as well. The price is worth it for the good value of each tablet to our health. 

Food allergens can’t be found in Lunguard but if you are taking medication due to your current medical condition, I suggest consulting your doctor if the product will have any effect on the medicine you are currently taking. 

Overall, Lunguard is approved and I highly recommend it.