Sun Life Financial Advisor and Its Benefits

Being able to provide the needs of our family gives nothing but a satisfying feeling inside. Much more if we extend the support by providing their wants too. Working as an employee alone doesn’t make that possible. Hence, many of us opted for second work or taking up sidelines just to make ends meet. And today, you’ll learn how Sun Life can help you make ends meet by being a Financial Advisor.

The Sun Life History


 Talking about reliability, Sun Life has been in the country for over 120 years already. It had survived 2 world wars and among the life insurance company in the country, only Sun Life had released funds to people without records in hand. That’s how financially stable the company is despite what the country had experienced.

Among the insurance companies in the country, only Sun Life belonged to the top 100 in Asia. And according to the Standard and Poor’s rating, the company got AA for its rating while its financial strength based on the AM Best, its rating is A+ which indicates that the company as a whole is financially stable.  

Sun Life is into customized solutions. And parts of those solutions they provide are as follows:

  • Risk Protection – this protects the family income from the breadwinner’s sudden death.
  • Critical Illnesses Protection – this protects the family from the hospital expenses.
  • Education Funding – years from now, tuition fees today could multiply in the future. This plan would help you prepare your children’s education funding.
  • Wealth Management – this plan helps you prepare for your retirement. The earlier you invest, the larger the amount you get in return when you retire in the future.  

Sun Life, on the other hand, isn’t just about a business but is about helping people. What’s interesting about the company is that it doesn’t just make their clients feel comfortable and safe but of the people who help spread their advocacy as well.

Financial Advisor for Sun Life



Considering the brighter side of becoming part of Sun Life, work-life balance is guaranteed. Aside from commissions out of new businesses opened and renewals, financial advisors get to earn monthly bonuses as well. These bonuses are in form of all-expense paid trip (local and international), gift certificates, raffled car, and a whole lot more!

You also get to enjoy other benefits like the following:

  1. Flexibility – work anytime, anywhere!
  2. Earn as much as you can – sky is the limit! Enjoy unlimited earnings as far as you can!
  3. Huge Market Potential – with the country’s insurance penetration rate of 2%, the more chances you can help people in managing their finances.
  4. Place to Work – offices are available anywhere in Cebu, Ayala, Mandaue, Escario, and Talisay.
  5. Sales Tools – projectors, laptops, advertiser’s portal, and more are offered for free.
  6. Support such as training professional development, facilitation of government and regulatory licenses, and advertising and promotion are also given for free.

Not just that, career growth is observed in the industry as well. If they see potential in you, you don’t stay financial advisor forever. You could be a new business manager of the future too! Just like Mr. Don Ursal who started as financial advisor and is now a candidate manager and a member of Million Dollar Round Table. He started back then as an ordinary BPO employee but with the determination to grow and earn a work-life balance, he is where he is supposed to be.   

Those are the things you get to earn when you become part of Sun Life team. Aside from enjoying great commissions and earnings, fun and learnings are guaranteed experienced as well!

Visit for more details or visit Sun Life office near you!  

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