Smart Ideas for Wall Hung Entertainment Unit

Wall hung entertainment units are the best way to decorate your living room in a chic and yet, sophisticated manner. They spruce up your living spaces and you can enjoy spending time at home then.  They also make the whole entertainment set very organized and easy to use.


Here are a few ideas for wall hung entertainment unit.

Open Shelves

Working on a wall hung entertainment unit is not easy.  You have to keep a lot of things in mind while putting up a wall mount. One of the best options is to put up open shelves around your entertainment unit, say a television set and place other decorative items around. Open shelves can make the rooms feel lively and lend a sophisticated look to the areas, too.  Wall mounted television sets go great with simple open shelves and make the rooms look attractive.

Brick Walls

Giving brick walls to wall hung entertainment unit helps to impart a light and comfortable aura to your living space. Brick walls are the best tools for modern decorators as they are very chic and give a lively vibe to the house. Whether it’s for your television set or even a home theatre set, the brick wall is a classic decorative idea. Add in accent lights to bring in more interest to the design. This will, also, help to highlight the texture of the wall, and bring in a beautiful shade to the background as well.

Wall dividers

If you do not have the space for your entertainment unit on any of the existing walls, then you simply must avail the option of wall dividers. Wall dividers are fun to look at, save space; and all in all, make your living space a fun area to be in. Wall dividers are also uncommon, so they make your home décor seem distinctive.  Wall dividers are good if you have a small house and thus, do not have empty walls left for your wall hung entertainment unit. They are soothing to the eye and they usually go from ceiling to floor, giving lots of space for television sets to be mounted on them.

Wide Shelf

The idea of the wide shelf is very cosmopolitan. If you have space to spare, then a long end to end wide shelf is a very good idea for you. They complement a wall hung entertainment unit well and serve as  an interesting alternative to the usual T.V console. The storage space available underneath, also, comes to great use and you can use the extra room  for keeping other items. Also, they are ideal for keeping the extra cables and electronic appliances out of sight and in turn, giving your personal spaces a decluttered look.

Wall Mounted Boxes

Wall mounted boxes form a complete frame for your wall hung entertainment unit and are great for storage. You could use stainless steel boxes which are cheap and sturdy, or you could go for wooden boxes for a more urban look. You could use them for storing books, DVDs, or any other things that you may need in your home theatre. They make accessories easily accessible and are, also, very convenient to use.

Wall Art

The cheapest way to decorate your wall hung entertainment unit is through wall art. If you think that any of the options given above are too costly and you do not need additional storage space, then wall art is the most innovative idea out there. It’s cheap, classy, and  does the job of highlighting the television set perfectly.

Entertainment units are the centerpiece of your living room, so use new and innovative ideas to spruce them up. They can lend a distinctive appearance to your personal spaces and make you a proud owner of a beautiful home.


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