Let’s Do The Weighted Squat

Health is wealth. Aside from a healthy diet, exercising is also a must in order to be fit. One of the basic moves to have a fit body is to do the weighted squat.

Doing this will need a pair of five to twelve pound dumbbells. Here are the easy steps on how to do the weighted squat:

  • Stand stall with feet and shoulder apart, hold dumbbell in each hand at the side of thighs with palms facing in.
  • Bend knees slowly while keeping chest still, lower body toward the ground until thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Then rise back to starting position.
  • Keep knees behind toes throughout the move and contact abs and squeeze buttock muscles each time you rise.

Perform squats once or twice a week.

Weighted squat will toned buttocks and thighs and can be performed even with a little space.

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