How to heal that lockdown brain one entry at a time, so you can power through.

2020 was a year of uncertainty and consecutive challenges. We spent most of our days in isolation that we’ve almost lost track of time. As we try to regain some balance and slowly recover from how the lockdown has affected our lives, we turn to build good habits that can help us cope and emerge stronger than before. One of them is through journaling.

Medical experts and psychologists have reminded us that keeping a journal may actually help us boost our mental health by helping us gain control of our emotions and plans. Here, we have listed down five more things that you can do better when you have a journal.

#1 – It helps you acknowledge and process your feelings better. We are coming from a time of emotional rollercoaster and situations that we are not really built for. Close interactions now scare us. We feel fear the moment we envision what the future holds for us. Some days, we feel grateful and moved by the possibility of caring from a distance. We miss the beach, we long for get-togethers.

It may sound like a lot of feelings, but there’s actually more – and it’s okay to admit that they’re quite difficult to absorb. Wring short notes per day can help you acknowledge and embrace those emotions as they come. Somehow, we don’t get too overwhelmed when we have a personal avenue to express ourselves, giving us more time to reflect and breathe.

We love how the The Belle De Jour Power Planner Earth concept and empowering designs remind us that we’re in the process of being whole again. It’s perfect for those who are still learning more about themselves and eager to thrive amidst the chaos.

#2 – It helps you live in the present. A lot of thoughts and experiences from the past consume us, and sometimes they make us feel drained than inspired. Writing about your daily plans or stories allows you to live your life consciously, and Everything Is Possible planner’s breakthrough theme for the coming year goes well with this purpose.

#3 – It inspires you to think about what you can do now, instead of what you could have done. It can help lighten the burden on your shoulders and prepare you for what’s ahead. In the process of living in the moment, you can discover new skills, abilities, interests, and goals, too.

Journaling helps you keep track of your responsibilities and needs. The majority of our tasks are now done online. Whether your company has decided to extend the work-from-home setup, or you’re attending online classes, this virtual transition is quite hard to deal with. It’s more difficult to keep track of time, projects, and goals, and further envision how they would unfold in real life. But this is the part where planners can make the management of our day-to-day tasks easier.

We can quickly identify significant dates and update our progress from time to time. Our days can be quite full, so it is really nice to have a journal that leaves ample space for you to jot down ideas just like the Focus planner. Its pages are decorated with the sacred geometry of Icosahedron, a three-dimensional figure that is made of 20 triangle-shaped sides, to represent change, movement, and flow. Those on the minimalist side may appreciate the elegance of the Essentials planner’s Art Deco-inspired designs, too.

#4 – It helps you reconnect with people. Keeping a journal is not just about how you can hustle or manage your own life. It’s personal, and a huge part of our existence depends on people, relationships. Living more consciously means assessing our connections with our loved ones every now and then.

Maybe it’s time to catch-up with your friends or colleagues? Or maybe it’s time to schedule that talk with your boss? If you’re the type of person who keeps on forgetting the exact dates of your friends’ birthdays, then advanced journal entries can serve as your little reminders, too. The minimalist, portable Petit planner is just what we need for this purpose so we can see what matters in one glance. Now that we have fewer physical interactions or brunch dates, it’s important to find new ways to maintain our relationships.

#5 – Journaling makes you care for yourself even more. What many people don’t realize is that journals help you give yourself the complete care that it needs. Doctors emphasize that it is now more vital to monitor physical conditions on our own. You can maximize those blank pages by writing down how you’re feeling (a symptom tracker, maybe?), so you can also respond to what your body needs.

This also applies to our emotional and mental wellbeing. Expressing your emotions or sharing some experiences can help you identify the kind of self-care that works for you. The lighthouse-themed NAVI journal reminds us that we’re still trying to navigate this life, but eventually, we’ll find the path that is meant for us.

Whether you want to keep a journal for growth, self-love, reconnecting with yourself, finding your light, or simply capturing your thoughts and feelings through words, Viviamo offers different styles and formats that could match any undertaking. Choose from their Belle de Jour Power Planner collection, NAVI, Everything Is Possible, Focus, Essentials, and Petit planners. Go to to view their products, and power through 2021.

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  1. Laking tulong po nitong journal lalo na po at medyo stress talaga ngaung panahon ng pandemic kaya kailangan po talaga ng mapaglalabasan ng mga problema o hinaing o mga nangyayari sa araw araw.. ❤

  2. Thank you mommy sa pag share ng 5 things na to about sa journal therapy need ko po ito dahil sa stress, depressed or kahit na ano tawag sa pinag sa pinag dadaanan ko

  3. I agree with all these! Marami talagang tulong ang pagjournal. Nung elem ako, I used to question bakit laging may journal/diary yung mga teachers. Now I realized yung importance nito

  4. I love journaling but I am not consistent with it. I actually have a digital journal using notion and a paper planner. Sometimes, it’s hard to write down everything that’s why I only write on my journal whenever I feel inspired, motivated or sometimes sad…:) It helps me a lot to get through with stresses of life.

  5. I have always loved Belle De Jours planners! I’m still undecided kung yung limited edition or yung rings yung bibilin ko. But I agree that planners are great. I have anxiety and making a list makes it bearable. Thank you for sharinggg~

  6. i used to have a journal kaya i agree on everything you’ve mentioned here. pinaka masarap yung me babalikan ako through out the years. sayang parang na out grow ko na sya.

  7. I am an advocate of mental health. i dont think i can even survive without writing in my journal daily. I mostly write in an app on my phone, but these physical journals are just too gorgeous!

  8. I used to do serious journaling back in high school to college. It was awesome days, especially I am an introvert. Now I recommend it to my stepdaughters.

  9. Ganda ng journal

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