Excited for Summer

Summer is almost here and I can’t help but think about it! I can almost smell the salty breeze at the beach, the warmth that provides more energy and radiance to ordinary days. I can almost feel the sand under my bare feet giving me a sense of comfort and solace, the sun slightly burning my skin giving me a perfect tan. I can almost hear the crashing of the waves as they reach the shores, the children’s laughter as they play on sand or make those cute sand castles. I can imagine myself peacefully watching the beautiful sunset and enjoying the night afterwards. A bon-fire, food and drinks, happy music, and a great company to complete the ensemble for my perfect getaway.

Well, it’s so easy to imagine and maybe I should do something about this. Maybe I should start finding the perfect beach to spend this year’s summer. Maybe it is time to check schedules to give way to our summer escapades, to find the best summer outfits for the kids.

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8 thoughts on “Excited for Summer

  1. Jenni Petrey says:

    I look forward to summer but it can get incredibly hot where we live. It is the one thing about Perth summers that I do not enjoy!

  2. squidmamma says:

    I can’t wait for summer either! Long beachy days and cool summer nights with a drink in the garden!

  3. Katie Reese says:

    Ahhh we haven’t been to the beach in 6 years! I would love to my kids this year but it’s probably going to be next year before we get a vacation!

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