Cinema At Home With LUMOS RAY Projector

Hi there! Remember my Mommy Me-Time Ideas for Relaxation blog post where I mentioned binge-watching Korean Series as one of my me-time. Well, I really enjoy binge-watching KSeries even more now because of my new partner. Guess who my partner is? Keep reading till the end of this post to find out. You might want to have it too, as your binge-watch partner or have a cinema at home.

Now let’s talk about LUMOS RAY Projector, my new favorite partner in binge-watching.

Cinema at home experience is possible with LUMOS RAY Projector. It’s an all-in-one projector with built-in Netflix and YouTube, the most used apps by Filipinos for watching movies and other entertainment shows. Additionally, this projector has built-in Dolby speakers, 720p HD clear resolution, and 1080p Blu-Ray support. The Dolby built-in speakers in LUMOS are a lot more powerful than the others. Aside from entertainment usage, LUMO RAY is best too for playing mobile games, Spotify use and Zoom call over a huge screen for it has a wireless mirror casting that works on Android and iOS.

LUMOS RAY Projector comes in two versions RAY Regular and RAY Smart


RAY Regular version DOES NOT support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Keystone Correction. To use this version of a projector, you need an external input like a laptop, USB, or TV. Priced at Php8, 999.00


RAY Smart version has its own operating system (Android OS. It is Wi-Fi enabled with inbuilt Netflix, YouTube, Casting Apps, Playstore, and Bluetooth. Priced at Php11, 999.00

Both of them have a 1-year warranty, available to purchase directly from the LUMOS Projector website Currently, the company only ships locally in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

LUMOS RAY Projector is a product of LUMOS Projectors Philippines, operated by LUMOS Projectors Pte Ltd with Business Reg No 202014822R. This brand originates from Singapore and is now in our country Philippines. Learn more about the LUMOS RAY projector at or contact for inquiries. 

Mom’s Shout Out’s Verdict

I’m so happy to have this LUMOS RAY Smart Projector. It makes my binge-watch time bigger, brighter, and more enjoyable than ever. The huge screen, cinematic-like a home theater experience, truly immersed me into the series I’m watching. I’m very satisfied with the built-in speaker, it’s wonderfully realistic and creates a more detailed sound experience. I love that it’s lightweight, handy, and easy to use. The price is worth it with the good quality of the product.

It’s not just me, but my whole family likes and loves this LUMOS Projector. My little girl is super happy to watch her favorite shows on Netflix and the music video of her favorite KPop Boy Band BTS. Using a LUMOS Ray projector to watch is a great way to get her off from using mobile phones.

Five Stars to LUMOS RAY Projector.

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25 thoughts on “Cinema At Home With LUMOS RAY Projector

  1. The Super Mom Life says:

    What a cute projector! We have a similar one and we use it all the time with the kids!

  2. Ma. Cyril Creer says:

    Super love to have this LUMOS RAY projector . It will give our movie marathon a cinematic vibe !

  3. Subarna says:

    Ohh it is great. Wi-Fi enabled with inbuilt Netflix, YouTube that’s a whole lot thing. I am sure you are enjoying your series.

  4. abzstylz says:

    I’ve always wanted a projector! The quality looks great.This will be perfect to have to entertain guest or for movie night the family!

  5. Wendyflor says:

    i love having projector at home. it makes movie-watching cozier with the family. not sure lang what brand we are using.

  6. Clarice says:

    Wow! This is really nice. I would love to watch my favorite movies in the big screen. So happy that there are affordable options are now available in the market.

  7. May De Jesus-Palacpac says:

    I was just about to say I’m currently watching Business Proposals and was thinking of using Lumos to watch it, heehee!

  8. Hyejin says:

    I also watch Kdrama series thru a projector but I think Lumos is better. It is clearer so I think I need to change my projector too hehehe

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