White Bounce House Castle Birthday Party Theme Idea and More

One of the most awaited celebrations we moms look forward every year to is the birthday of our kids. Admit it, we moms always want to make this celebration extra special and memorable by coming up with a birthday party theme like princesses and other cartoon character our kids like the most. Speaking of birthday party themes, for my daughter’s coming birthday party celebration, the theme this year is all white, so I came up with an idea of having a White Bounce House Castle Birthday Party.

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Is Doing Your Best Enough To Be A Parent?

One of the things that you often hear people say when things don’t go their way is that they did their best. We’re told from a young age that all you can do is your best and that nobody can expect anything more from you, but is that true when you are a parent? Your kids need you to be your best for them as often as you can so that they have a good example growing up, but it’s true when people say that the most important thing is doing the best that you can. Let’s look at how you can do this.

  • Always Show Up

To be able to say that you have done your best to be the best parent possible, you need to always show up for your kids. When they need you, you need to be there, not just buy them material items, and hope that this makes up for your absence. It doesn’t. Showing up for your kids is the ultimate test of love, because there are going to be times when it is difficult for you to do so, but you have got to make it work Continue reading

3 Ways to Balance a Business Setup with Parental Responsibilities

That lightbulb moment when you get a business idea can be so viscerally exciting that you have visions of success, stability, and all of your dreams coming true. But soon after, reality sets in and we realize we cannot give ourselves completely to it because we’ve got other more important things that need our attention, like our children. But this is where we have to think about setting up a business in the round and making it smoother and simpler. Here are some approaches to consider:

Think About the Big Things, Don’t Waste Your Time on the Small Things

When we start out, we feel like we need to give a huge amount of consideration to every finite component. Lots of people labor for days if not weeks over a business name. But instead, you can almost outsource this by using a business name generator so you can actually pay attention to the real things that matter. We have to remember the Pareto principle, where 80% of the outcomes come from 20% of the effort. You need to think about those big things that will really matter a year or five years down the line, the rest will almost sort itself out.

Outsource Where You Can

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7 Ways To Make Doctor’s Visit Easier For Kids

Children need to see doctors for immunization, check-up, and to track growth and development. As a parent, you know how hard it can be to make child doctor visits easier for your kids. Some kids don’t react at all, while others can become scared of a stranger trying to assess them. Picking the right time can help with behavior issues, and making them comfy also helps. Sharing here 7 ways to make doctor’s visits easier for kids. Try to apply them, you’ll find out how effective they are.

1. Request a Home Visit

Not all doctor visits have to be at the clinic. You can inquire and request a home visit if your child has an extreme reaction to the office or cannot make it in. There are also some procedures, such as developmental pediatric screening, that doctors prefer to carry out at home. Being in a familiar environment where they feel safe and more in control can be a huge help when a doctor treats your kids. However, ask first because not all doctors are able to come to your home.

2. Make Child Doctor Visits Easier at the Right Time

There are times when your kids will be better behaved or happier than others. For example, you probably know the times when they are grumpy, hungry, or hyper. So it can help to book an appointment at times when you know your kids will be more accepting of a doctor. Of course, every child is different. In most cases, an early morning visit works best when they are in a happier and more lively mood. Therefore, try to book an appointment at around 9 am.

3. Keep Yourself Composed

One of the best ways to keep your kids calm is to stay calm. The way you behave and how you treat your children when they are in distress can have a big impact on their mood and habits while you are out. For example, if your child is misbehaving, try not to shout at them and speak calmly. This will also help keep any other children in the clinic calm as well. Any discomfort your child is feeling will only be made worse if you begin to become annoyed or upset as well. Continue reading

Back to School Shopping The Frugal Ways

Hi, there mommies! I hope you have a fabulous day.

What’s keeping you busy these days?

I’m in the full week mode of preparation and working with so many things like family matters, office work,  tasks to be done as a content creator and back to school shopping especially that the start of school is getting near where face to face classes will be implemented. All these motherhood  things and blogger/content creator tasks that make me busy are beautiful for, it only means that an additional income. I’m so thankful for all the paid gigs and collaboration, the earnings are a big help to my family’s budget. 

While I’m making money, I feel the need to tighten the expenses now that prices of commodities and basic needs keep going up. About the upcoming school year and back to school shopping, there is no need to spend a fortune as long as you know and apply these few simple back to school shopping frugal ways. But if your budget is still not enough and you need to borrow, www.creditloan.com will help you. Creditloan.com is a trusted consumer-focused finance website that educates consumers on a wide range of personal finance matters and tools like financial calculators and many more.

Back to saving expenses for school shopping, here are the frugal ways that I’m talking about.

Take advantage of Back To School Sales

Stores, shopping malls and even online shops love sales themed promotion. That’s why you see sales like, Father’s Day Sale, Memorial Day Sales, Back to School Sales and other kinds of seasonal sales. So take advantage and grab this opportunity to shop for your kids’ school supplies needs. Continue reading