Brighter Possibilities, Brighter Days, and A Brighter Future Ahead
A look back at how some Filipinos proved to be the guiding light in the time of COVID and what’s next for a community rebuilding the society through helping each other.
#BeTheLight campaign supported the good causes of several individuals and organizations through donation. Selected individuals were Marielle Solomon of Siargao Community Kitchen which aided more than 4,000 families in their community and neighboring barangays, Barangay Holy Spirit PWD Association’s president Sarah de la Rosa whose efforts were recognized even outside their area, Pia Alviola of Project Love who was able to donate more than 2,000 protective equipment to front liners, Melissa Olit of Aiza’s Community Kitchen reached more than 15,000 beneficiaries, and Angela Lapinosa’s team for RiceAboveCovid were able to provide more than 300 help packages.

SkinWhite also reached out to several organizations to work together to #BeTheLight to more people across the country. These organizations were Save San Roque Alliance, an organization that provided meals to families in Sitio San Roque, North Triangle, Quezon City, #SilogForACause, a group who prepared silog meals for front liners and volunteers, Tulong Kabataan Volunteer Network, bikers turned donors of Life Cycles PH, FoodTray2Go, Act as One PH, Juan Spark Youth Leaders, and Project PEARLS (Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love, and Smiles) who have put smiles on children’s faces amidst the pandemic and the discomfort caused by the enforced quarantine. SkinWhite amplified their efforts by sharing their stories nationwide through social media with the hope that many people will be inspired to join in their causes.
Aside from individuals and organizations, the light also transcended to SkinWhite’s trade partners. The brand’s display rental fees were converted to augment the needs of each of the participating store’s dedicated frontline employees. Relief packages including essential goods and SkinWhite products were prepared and given to them. Through this, SkinWhite and its trade partners were the light that gave these hardworking frontline employees more encouragement and motivation during these hard times.
Everyone can share the light, and #BeTheLight.
As the #BeTheLight initiative heralds the value of working hand-in-hand, SkinWhite creatively thought of more ways to have more people on board in the mission to share the light. Different people were asked to write and send words of encouragement and appreciation to our kind-hearted volunteers and front liners. This is to make them feel that they are not alone in this fight and that they are truly appreciated! These personal messages were included in the daily essential packages which SkinWhite prepared for them.
#BeTheLight aims to have brighter days ahead for everyone
#BeTheLight campaign proved that by coming together, significant and brighter results are sure to radiate among communities and neighborhoods. And just like light, it continues to transcend to everyone. This initiative is a reminder of hope, not only for front liners, volunteers, and those affected by the pandemic but for everyone who needs hope as we all bounce back from these trying times.
Now more than ever, SkinWhite will continue to #BeTheLight by giving hope and encouragement to more individuals and organizations to continue on with the cause to bring brighter days ahead!
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  1. this is a very meaningful and encouraging initiative. thanks for writing about this and letting us know that SkinWhite is doing very relevant efforts at this time when so many are in the dark with what’s happening in this pandemic.

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