Baby Milestones at First Month

Hooray! My little miss just turns one month old. As a mom, it’s my role and goal to care for our baby’s health, growth and development and the opportunity to achieve full potential as they grow in this wonderful world. Shared below are the changes that I observed to my baby’s milestones at the first month.

  • On his tummy time, she can lift her head briefly and move it from side to side.
  • She can familiarize voice, this only means that her hearing is fully developed.
  • Her sense of sight I think is already clear at this early weeks coz she can already follow the movement of objects as well as faces.

These are just a few milestones of my baby but I’m so amazed of her development at this early day of her first month. Being her mom, I’ll make sure to give my all out support, care and love with every step of her development with these bonding activity ideas.

  • Bicycle Exercise – this is done by moving baby’s legs in bicycling motion to help her muscles tone and prepare for her crawling and walking milestones.
  • A lot Skin-to-skin Contact – to keep baby feel comforted and loved, cuddling, holding, talking and giving a gentle massage are the best activity for babies at this age. You know babies love to be touched.
  • Peekaboo – the best and easy play for baby especially when she is alert and in the mood.
  • Plenty of Tummy Time – little miss love doing this. This activity helps strengthen her muscles which I think the reason at an early days she can immediately move her head from side to side.
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