Make the Best School Year Possible with Home Credit’s Sulit Study Laptops, Tablets

With the new school year ahead, parents, especially moms, are taking charge of preparing everything their kids will need to equip them with essential tools this back-to-school season. However, as we embrace the era of modern learning, where technology has taken center stage in driving students’ education, providing them with the proper study devices is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Luckily, getting these devices does not require breaking the bank, as Home Credit is the key to availing these gadgets in low monthly installment plans with 0% interest.

From budget-friendly laptops under PhP1,499 per month to ‘sulit’ study tablets for schooling below PhP999 per month, the leading consumer finance company offers a wide range of options you can choose from to provide your kids with an efficient partner this academic year. Some of these options include:

ASUS Ryzen 3 Laptop: A reliable learning companion

First on the list of value-for-money laptops below PhP1,499 per month is the ASUS Ryzen 3 Laptop. Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 3 processor complemented by 8GB of RAM, this ASUS laptop can easily handle everything without lags—whether it’s taking notes, conducting research, working on assignments and projects, or accessing learning platforms.

This device also comes packed with 256GB of storage to provide your kids with enough space to save their school files and necessary applications. Additionally, it boasts a 14-inch display and weighs only 1.60kg, making it an excellent choice for students who are always on the go. Continue reading Make the Best School Year Possible with Home Credit’s Sulit Study Laptops, Tablets

5 Proven Strategies To Help Craft The Perfect Business Idea

Anyone who has ever wanted to start a business has to start somewhere. Nobody simply conjured an idea and became a success overnight. Some people got success fairly quickly, but those examples are few and far between. When it comes to starting a business, you have to be creative and have your wits about you. Simply coming up with the right product or service can be tedious, but not impossible. 

People spend decades trying to come up with the best possible idea, and some struggle throughout. The wonderful thing is that there will always be something around the corner that can solve problems. It’s just a case of knowing what steps to take exactly. If you want to step into the world of business and create something wonderful of your own, here are a few ideas: 

Find The Right Gap In The Market 

This kind of thing really is the golden ticket. It’s much easier said than done. If we could go find the gap in the market to exploit, we would all be extremely successful. Once you have found a particular gap, you can begin working on something special. It is something you have to sit down and really think about, however, because there are so many different people all trying to do the same thing and finding things out every single day. 

Use Your Personal Skills And Experiences 

At the end of the day, there will be things that you are really good at and things that you have been through. One of the worst things you can do is choose a particular field that you have seen somebody excel in. You may feel as though you can replicate their success because it looks easy when they do it. You have to pick something that you care about, and that you are good at in order to reach success, however, because you will be bored of it or struggle throughout.  Continue reading 5 Proven Strategies To Help Craft The Perfect Business Idea

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5 Tips to Teach Your Child About Computer Safety

Every parent wants their kid to focus and have fun in school as well as when they’re at home. Considering how many things you can do online, this productivity and enjoyment also extends to their devices. However, it’s natural for any parent to be cautious when letting their child use a tablet or browse the internet, so you should teach them how to stay safe on all devices around the home. 

Supervise Them

Younger kids should always be supervised when browsing their tablet or computer. This isn’t always because you’re worried they will stumble across something inappropriate, but rather that you want to ensure they use the resources correctly. If you can highlight how to search, view, and create things on the computer, they will feel more comfortable using the device alone when they’re older and are less likely to fall for common hacking tricks. 

Teach Them to Recognize Harmful Links 

Once they get old enough and are more likely to use their devices for homework research or communicating with friends, you should teach them how to recognize harmful links such as phishing emails or links filled with viruses. You can use this cybersecurity kit to train your kids how to determine whether a link or folder is trustworthy and you can remind them to always err on the side of caution unless it’s from a trusted source like their school or a relative.  Continue reading 5 Tips to Teach Your Child About Computer Safety

Meet Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte at the Manila International Book Fair 2023

The literary world is excited as the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) returns to the SMX Convention Center in Pasay from September 14 to 17, 2023. With its vibrant ambiance, MIBF is a gathering place for literature enthusiasts, authors, and publishers to revel in the magic of books.


Rising Author Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte

As the countdown begins, the spotlight is on middle-grade author Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte, set to grace MIBF 2023. His debut novel, “Gimo Jr. and the Aswang Clan,” has struck a chord with young readers, catapulting Pasaporte into the limelight as a rising author in the local literary scene. With a knack for storytelling that resonates, Pasaporte brings a fresh voice that bridges generations. Continue reading Meet Andrew Jalbuena Pasaporte at the Manila International Book Fair 2023