Are You Hiring the Right Property Conveyancer

Conveyancing refers to all the administrative and legal work related to transferring the title of ownership of property. The ownership gets transferred from one owner to another. A property conveyancer handles all the lawful aspects of buying or selling the property. A conveyancer is a partner in your journey towards reaching the final settlement stage in the property transference process. They are the licensed specialist who works like a scientist in finding the accurate figures and legal facts about the property.

property conveyancer

A Property conveyancer would:

  • Give legal advice
  • Handle contracts
  • Deal with land registry
  • Carry out all council searches

How Can a Property Conveyancer Help You?

If you are selling the property, a conveyance will help you by doing the following things:

  • Preparation of the contract
  • Submitting contracts to client and agent
  • Negotiation and discussion with the respective purchaser’s license conveyancer
  • Organizing of settlement
  • Proceed to settle

If you are purchasing the property:

  • Explanation of the contract
  • Possible negotiation of any amendments
  • Discussion of the report
  • Liaisons with your mortgagee related to finance
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Explain all the mortgage documents
  • Organization of settlement
  • Proceed to settlement

Things to consider while selecting the right property conveyancer:

Experience and Competency of the Conveyancer

It is always better to deal with the experienced, qualified and licensed conveyancers. Make sure that a conveyancer is completely covered by the professional indemnity insurance. A property specialist must be a member of the specific law society.

Concern of the Conveyancer

It is important to know whether the conveyancer is concerned towards you or not. Conveyancers must handle all your queries properly. Look for a friendly and helpful property conveyancer. He must offer a variety of solutions to help you in getting out of a particular problem.

Response of the Conveyancer

Make sure that your emails and calls are answered promptly. A good one would update you regularly and respond in no time.


Price is an important factor to keep in mind while choosing a conveyancer. Try to avoid the expensive ones.

A fee is another important aspect Solicitors charge in many ways:

  • An hourly rate
  • A fixed fee
  • A percentage of prices of the property

Make sure that the quotes breakdown all necessary costs so you can easily compare like with like.

They must include charges for:

  • Searches
  • Land registry fees
  • Bank transfer
  • Disbursements
  • Stamp duty
  • Additional work in case of complex or urgent process


Testimonials and References

Search the website of conveyancers for client references and testimonials. Get an idea of their working style with their past or regular clients.


  • Find out the different ways and best times to contact them
  • Check if they are free to meet you or not
  • Ask for someone who guides you in case they are away or off sick
  • Know their location. A solicitor near your home or office makes it convenient to collect or drop off documents, if necessary.

Other Considerations

The type of service you receive during your property buying or selling process might make a huge difference. It plays an important role in making you feel difficult or easy. Thus, go with the one who fulfills all the required aspects.

How to Find a Conveyancer?

  • Ask friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Ask your mortgage broker, lender, or independent financial advisor.
  • Estate agents might help you in getting a good and qualified solicitor.
  • Online conveyancing is another option from where you can get in touch with a solicitor. You can deal with them over phone or email. It is the cheapest way of contacting and dealing with the conveyancers.

It is important to be careful while hiring conveyancer. Choose only a licensed property conveyancer for a hassle-free and quick process.

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