3 Reasons to Be Inspired With Inspired Fragrances


Lotion, lipstick, face powder and fragrance are my on the go beauty essentials. I only apply makeup for special occasions, but when it comes to perfumes, I’m a picky and very selective of what I use, even if it’s branded or costly as long as I don’t like the scent, surely it will be stocked or forwarded to a friend and will look for a new one. Recently, Pikachu a friend of mine catches a fragrance that passed my sense of scent. I’m talking about May and Aeris an Inspired Fragrances from Inspired Gifts Ph Fragrances Collections. The scent of these fragrances gives me more reasons to work hard for my loved ones and empower volunteers of the community whom I worked with.

Here are the 3 reasons to be inspired with Inspired Fragrances

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How to Pick the Best Toy for Your Kid



Kids do love toys, but don’t you know that there are factors to consider when choosing the best toys for your kids?

As a mom of a kid who love toys, the advice and factors that I can share on how to pick the best toy for your kid are as follows:

  • Determine his preferred activities, skills level, preferred music, and instrument. For instance, if your kid loves music and playing the drum, a 5 piece drum set is a perfect choice to give.

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Gift Ideas for Him and Her



The season of gift giving is just days away. If you have set a plan to give presents to your love ones, I suggest doing the early Christmas shopping for it will save you time, money plus you can enjoy. To help you decide on what to shop, I have here gift ideas for him and her, check it!

For Dad. Secretly know his interest. If he’s into tools, a many-tool-in-one system is perfect for him. It is a multipurpose piece that includes a hammer, slotted screwdriver, can opener, saw, pliers and more.

For Mom. Since, she’s busy with her motherly duty, it’s time to treat and pamper her. Bring your mom to the salon near your place and treat her with a whole body massage, foot spa, manicure, pedicure and all the best for her. Continue reading