Got a Love-Hate Relationship with Credit Cards? 3 Tips for Improving It


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How’s your relationship with your credit cards? Is it often smooth-sailing and sometimes rocky—or is it the other way around?

A credit card is like your trusty BFF: it’s there when you need it. Simply take it out of your wallet, have it swiped, and sign the receipt. No sweat! You can take that expensive appliance or furniture home, all thanks to the convenience of paying with your plastic card.

As much as you have reasons to love your credit cards, you also hate them sometimes, especially when the credit card statement arrives. You dislike paying high-interest charges, penalty fees, and annual fees. Isn’t it frustrating when your credit card debts go out of control? It may get so bad that you considered letting them go. But then you realize—breaking up with your cards is painfully hard to do.

It’s tricky to own and use credit cards. Sometimes, you want to avoid them forever; other times, you can’t imagine life without them.

Tired of having a love-hate relationship with your credit cards? Here are three tips for improving your relationship with credit cards.


Tip #1: Choose a credit card wisely.

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Tips to Consider When Buying Musical Instrument


Playing musical instruments is one of the coolest things to do. For the beginner, it’s important to have a musical instrument at home to be used for constant practice. If you are in plan of buying les paul studio available at Musicians Friend or any musical instruments of your choice, I have here tips to consider when buying musical instruments

#1 – Asks for a detailed description of the instrument you are going to buy.

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Three Reasons Culture Matters in the Workplace


Companies today invest a great deal of time and money defining the mission and core set of values that define their workplace culture. This is no less true in the finance and accounting industry than any other. Have you ever wondered why they are willing to invest so much into something that many companies didn’t know about 50 years ago? There are three significant reasons that this trend is here to stay.

Defining the How

Every company has established metric results that must be achieved for success. This translates to every division, department, and employee and is reviewed anywhere from weekly to annually. By defining a set of values for everyone in the company to follow, a company defines the way those goals will be achieved. The mission states the overall goal of the company that everyone can contribute to. The metrics are the “what” while the values are the “how” and the mission is a common purpose. This provides clearer expectations for employees at every level in a company.

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