5 Helpful Insights on How to Keep a Job


Do you have a job? Are you afraid of losing it? If yes, then you must finish reading this post of mine because later on, you can learn 5 helpful insights on how to keep a job . . . your job.

As a working mother, I’m actually not satisfied with the routine duties I have, family-work-blogging and vice-versa. I love learning and exploring new things, reading helpful notes to make me do extremely well in the career I have.

Anyway, I recently received and read this book about “How toKeep a Job”. To review the book, below are inspiring and motivational inputs in whatever career you have.

Cultivate a Willing Attitude – Keep in mind that your attitude will reflect on the quality of work you do. Your employer will judge your worth to the company not only on your work output but also on your attitude. Therefore, to keep your job, develop and practice a positive attitude. Continue reading

Release Work Stress with Music



Here comes the busiest time of the year, it’s undeniable that hectic schedules, workloads and holiday preparations makes stress levels high. As a working mom in the field of community service, year-end means a lot of work, particularly that we are challenged with the ZERO BACKLOG in sub-project completion, liquidation, and closing of accounts as well as quarterly performance evaluation. To release work stress, listening to an acoustic music played by the voyage air guitar is what I mostly do. The music relaxes me, I feels like it takes me away to paradise and it does release work stress.

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